OOTD: Go-To Outfit

Posted on Dec 24, 2011

top: a hand me down, shorts: Goodwill, flats: Cotton On

This is a typical go-to outfit for me. I always rush to high waist shorts and a t-shirt whenever I have to do errands or something. So I took some quick photos on the way out to Publix to buy some fruit and chocolate chips for the desserts I'm going to make. I can't wait! Fruit pizza makes me feel like I'm eating a healthy dessert :). Then I got my eyebrows done before the family came down... It turns out that they probably won't even be coming down and it'll just be me and mom.
Buuuut...do you notice the clothes on the side and behind me? I pick out outfits like that because I think I have OCD....like I literally have 5-7 different outfits picked out and they're all winter outfits...c'mon Florida, bring me some cold weather! Hope you guys have a great Christmas Eve!

  1. oh you have such great blog, i really like it! :*

  2. Nice post Merry Xmas!!!

  3. Love it! Reminds me of summer

    Happy Holidays!


  4. Always run with running shoes! Your calves hurt otherwise. I want warm weather now! So I can wear shorts. Love your hair!

  5. This is a perfect go out outfit! You look great and very comfortable too. And I totally agree with you I've been wearing shorts all day as well...Oh Florida when will you cool down?



  6. I go to highwaisted shorts straight a way as well! BTW You have great legs. xD

    {XOXO, Deanna}
    {Sweet Happenstance}

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  8. great top! you're so lucky to be able to wear shorts, although I understand why you want to wear winter clothes as well....love your blog so much, following!

  9. Love your outfit, those shorts are gorge! Wish i was as organised as you with the planned outfits, bet that saves you so much time haha. Hope you had a lovely christmas + your calves are feeling better:D Xxx

  10. This is a lovely outfit! Can't wait to be able to start wearing shorts again, it's so bloody cold! xx