Posted on May 27, 2014

Hi everyone!
I took these photos yesterday and I forgot how hot Florida can be. Hehe I hope you like them! 
Purple Crop Top |
Multicolor Pants | Forever 21
Red Bag | Oasap

Peplum With Red

Posted on May 22, 2014

Late post! Online classes are kind of the best and the worst. I procrastinate so much more with online classes and it is kind of boring not actually going to class but it is so much more convenient! I used to drive almost 45 minutes to school.
Well it took me a while to figure out what to wear with this floral peplum top and I thought a nice pop of color would make this outfit pop :)
Floral Peplum Top | Oasap
Red Skirt | Oasap
Earrings | Gift
Black Boots | Kohl's


Posted on May 18, 2014

So I finally have my other camera back for good!  At first I thought it was the camera lense that was broken but I'm pretty sure it's the camera itself. Sooo tomorrow I have to go to a repair shop to get it fixed. Lol I was so getting used to that remote too! Now I'm harassing mom again for photos. It's okay though, she'll miss it when I'm gone. 
Hmm I think I'm going to put mini twists in my hair this week. I think I have pictures's been years. But yeah I think my hair needs a break and usually after about 4-6 months I straighten it and get it trimmed but ahh I want something new :). 
Finally a camel colored sweater! Today was yet another sunny comfort day and I relaxed with mom and cleaned the house with her. We online shopped and I worked on my homework. When I went out to go get the car washed I threw on this necklace to make a statement. Do you guys think this necklace works well with the neutrals I have on?
Beige Sweater | Rose Wholesale
Green Necklace | Oasap
Cut Offs | Forever 21
Black Heels | Kohl's (old)


Posted on May 15, 2014

Quick post lovlies! I'm in the process of moving. So I'm doing more scholarships and I'm taking trips to figure out which apartment I want to live in. Also I've been taking all of this time to hang out with my friends and mom. I feel a mixture of excitement and anxiousness and sometimes I forget to blog :(. Once I feel more settled into a routine I'll be able to give my all into creativity.
Well I wore this on the last day of my finals and it was absolutely based on comfort! I'm wearing elephants in my ears and as a necklace I found on eBay.  
Blue Sleeveless Top | Tj Maxx
High Waist Shorts | Thrifted
Chiffon Kimono | Kohl's
Necklace | eBay
Green Bag | Goodwill
Brown Flats | Forever 21

Start of Summer

Posted on May 8, 2014

Hey everyone!
So my lens on my camera broke and my mom let her friend borrow my other camera for awhile so I was kind of stuck not blogging :/. But I'm back now! Summer classes are going to start in a week and I have to start looking at apartments! :) 
I took photos in this outfit two different times in different lighting and just combined the results together. This is my first peplum top too and I love the color! I also received some light gold earrings from Oasap that I'll probably wear a lot... I really have to give those heavy earrings away!

Green Peplum Top | Rose Wholesale
Gold Earrings | Oasap
White Shorts | Oasap
Red Bag | Oasap
Brown Flats | Forever 21