OOTD: Onyx Ring-Leopard Shorts

Posted on Nov 22, 2012

| top: Tj Maxx | shorts: Goodwill | bag: mom's | ring: Oasap | necklace: DIY | boots: Kohl's |

Hey guys! So the past week has been pretty fun for me. Since classes were out because of the Thanksgiving break, I've been spending almost everyday with my boyfriend. It's been super fun and all lovey dovey and it reminded me of how things were in high school when we had nothing but time on our hands.

Happy Thanksgiving by the way! Since my mother is out of town and there's no family around here I've been just working out, watching  movies and looking at fashion for Thanksgiving this year. The same thing happened on Halloween....no lifeeee. But it's not as bad as it seems ha. I have more time to work my ass off since I've been slacking in my work outs for like 4 months.

So before the holidays, I wore this to go check my schedule and go shopping after class. I love going to the mall in the mornings when there's no one around. You get first dips on everything. This outfit is pretty perfect for everyday but not when you want to try things on...too many accessories :). So not having worn these shorts in a while, I pulled them out from the back of my drawer and paired it with one of my favorite type of tops and a necklace that's actually a chain from one of my grandma's old bags haha. And check out this ring from Oasap! I've been coveting jewelry lately and this onyx ring is pretty much an essential item for me.

OOTD: Red Dawn

Posted on Nov 19, 2012

| top: Tj Maxx | pants: Old Navy | jacket, boots: Forever 21 | bag: Ross |

So this was one of the outfits I've worn to an interview in the past couple of weeks. Since I don't start work until black Friday, I've been watching the Kardashians on Netflix and I can't bring myself to stop haha. The weather has been pretty dreary this weekend too so I just stayed home most of the time and caught up with my reading and cleaned the house. I think when you have more time on your hands you start to reflect more about the things you want to do right? I've just been missing being surrounded by fashion and having my camera with me all the time. I also miss drawing too but anyway..

Haha that was a bit of a rant but for this outfit I wanted to wear my new bag from Ross and decided that simple was the way to go. So with these red trousers paired with boots and a chiffon sleeveless I thought this was a good outfit for an interview. I think button ups have that affect anyway.


Posted on Nov 15, 2012

| top, heels: Ross | leggings: gift | jacket: Walmart | necklace: Ebay |

Hey guys! So I just got back home from school and I decided to go ahead and post the post I was supposed to put up two days ago. I've been getting a creative vibe for awhile and I've been meaning to draw a bit more and practice sketching but I haven't had the time this week. I've been going out and making a few decisions about my job. Now having 3 job offers, I finally decided on one and I'll probably tell you guys tomorrow about it. Who know I might change my mind again haha.

Anyway I've always been a fan of prints and graphics and that's all I've been wearing for awhile...that and blue lol. This is just a relaxed outfit for school and I grabbed some heels last minute to add some umph. Adding a statement to a plain outfit always adds some spice.

Haha I have sooo much to clean up today. My room is literally filthy with all the clothes lying around and I have until 2:00 to do it!

OOTD: Floral Afternoons

Posted on Nov 9, 2012

 | leggings, boots, sunnies: Kohl's | top: Tj Maxx | necklace: Ebay | bag: Goodwill |

Hey hey! So I decided to try out a little editing to see if I like the effects and I think I do! But I'd love some feedback from you guys :). 

So anyway, aren't these leggings BLUE? Haha when Alex saw them and I asked if he liked them all he said was "..um they're very blue", so I'm assuming he doesn't like them. I've always been a fan of florals and lately I've been wearing a pop of color on my legs and a white top. Whites are always great basics to fall back on but I blame my laziness on not being so creative.

Hmm, well today I have to go enroll for the spring semester after Alex gets out of his class, then were going to the flea market and going to the mall to shop! I got a job (hurray hurray!) at Wet Seal and I need to kind of buy some clothes from there to wear... Kind of bs'd my way into that job but oh well! I should have a next post this weekend and a video so I'll keep you posted. :)

P.S. I got an email from Kohl's and I guess they've noticed how much I wear their clothes. They gave me a 10% off promo code for their online store! Just type in |TENBLOG| at checkout before December 23rd!

OOTD: Yellow Trousers

Posted on Nov 6, 2012

 |top: Ross | jeans&jewelry&bag: Kohl's | boots: Rue21 |

So lately I've been job hunting again because full time was just too much and now I have a dilemma. I had two job interviews on the same day and I got both the jobs. Now I'm just trying to figure out which job to take. It's between Beya, a jewelry store and Wet Seal, a clothing store! 

But besides my personal life, have you ever worn pants that were too big for you just because of the color? Yeah I did that...and I was having a messy hair day. All my curls were springing on the top of my head so I tried to go a low bun. So added with these yellow trousers, I added gray accessories and this lovely necklace from Kohl's. 

Besides that I cannot wait for the holidays! It's still a bit warm down here and I want the cold!! Haha and also I won't be traveling this year again for Christmas but I hope some family comes down! I intend to do some shopping this weekend so a haul is coming up again! :)