OOTD: Arrowheads

Posted on Jan 31, 2012

(top: Charlotte Russe, shorts: Forever 21, shoes: Traffic, jewelry: Forever 21)

I've reached 100 followers! I might do a giveaway! Thank you :)

I brought out these shoes that I haven't worn in a year. I miss funky shoes like this... Today was such a comfortable outfit. I love these new shorts from F21 and it took me awhile to find something I liked to wear with it. I haven't had a chance to wear my arrowhead necklace so I'm glad I wore it today! I put my hair up in the middle of taking pictures because it was hot as hell. The thing about Florida that I complain about all the time is the weather! It was cold this morning and my legs were freezing but then at around 11am it was 80. I just don't understand lol.

Let me know about any ideas for the giveaway! Thanks :)

OOTD: Stripes!

Posted on Jan 29, 2012

(top: Forever 21, shorts: Forever 21, denim shirt: Wal-Mart, turban: Forever 21, oxfords: Target)

So my friend's Izzy and Brianna came over and we went on yet another shopping spree. I now admit that I need to stop shopping so much! After this I'm only going to shop once a month.  Anyway I love the colors of this top and these high waist shorts fit so comfortably! This denim jacket and the turban contrasts well too! I just love this outfit. :)

OOTD: When Elephants Arise

Posted on Jan 28, 2012

 (sweater: Goodwill, shorts: Target, belt: Goodwill, tights: Kohl's, boots: Rue 21)

So I wore this last Tuesday and I was contemplating on whether to put this up because of the quality of photos! But I ended up doing some editing and ended up with one photo! My mom bought these tights for me and I've only worn them twice. They're so delicate and I'd be so upset if I even got one snag in them. This top is so cute too!. :)

Buys: Stripes & Cheetah

Posted on Jan 27, 2012

(top: Ross, jeggings: Pacsun, cardigan: mom's, flats: Ross, vest: Goodwill, necklace: Rue 21)

So I wore this on Monday and I couldn't get any good photos so here's what I wore. It's a pretty comfortable outfit and since it's so standard, I thought a leopard shoe and a big necklace would add something to it. :). I've been getting up randomly all hours of the night this week so  hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight!

Wishlist: I've Got Bags

Posted on Jan 26, 2012

1. F21 horn collar necklace, 2. F21 enameled chain, 3. Rue21 buckle bag, 4. F21 rust suede fringe, 5. Rue21 brown fringe, 6. Rue21 floral drawstring, 7. Rue21 crochet bag, 8. F21 chevron striped drawstring

I've just been looking at bags and necklaces today because I want to build my collection a little more since I gave away a lot of them. Drawstring bags are perfect for school and since I only have one satchel, I'd like more to match some of my outfits. I'm lacking in statement necklaces too!

Buys: Vintage Haul

Posted on Jan 24, 2012

 So I'm obsessed with those earrings, I can't wait to wear them. I bought all of these cute little things from Goodwill and with all that it came out to be about $20. I love the long sleeve top too and the big top that was XL for those 'i don't know what to wear' day. Then this cheetah print cardigan that I had to buy and high waist white shorts! Yay :). So much for my next purchase being at Forever 21. I'll shop there next week :).

OOTD: Big!

Posted on Jan 21, 2012

 (top: Ross, shorts: Goodwill, earrings: Rue 21)

These shorts are WAY too big for me haha but I love the pattern. I love this top too. I just love basic clothing that feels really comfortable. Besides all that I have to talk about these earrings. I like them because of the design but I don't think I'll wear them again. They were such a nuisance every time I turned my head!

I'd like some feedback on my new layout! <3

OOTD: Elephant Print

Posted on Jan 19, 2012

(top: Forever 21, jeans: Old Navy, rings: Target, earrings: Charlotte Russe, boots: Rue 21)

So today was ridiculous! I got lost on the way to my future college and didn't have enough money to pay toll and then I slipped and broke my favorite ring. Haha other than that it was a good day. Besides that my mom was really for this outfit. Haha she said "I'm glad your bringing out your inner roots". I guess it has to do with the feather earrings and this awesome top...the only thing I don't like about these pants is that they're kind of baggy. Hopefully I'll be able to visit Barbados this summer but for now it's off to New York for Spring Break! :)

OOTD: More Than Simple

Posted on Jan 18, 2012

 (top: Tj Maxx, jeans: ??, rings: Forever 21, earrings: Wal-Mart)

So today I was pretty tired and I finally fit into these jeans that my mom got me three years ago so I wore them! It was sort of an impulse outfit than a planned one this time. I was extremely comfortable and I felt a bit simple. Usually I add a necklace to just a plain top and jeans without any patterns but I felt it didn't need any. This knit top is one of my favorites and I wanted it to stand out. :)

Wishlist: Revelation

Posted on

1. Make-up bag, 2. Circle Sunglasses, 3. Rust High Waist Suede Shorts, 4. Diffuser Hairdryer, 5. Wayfarer Sunglasses, 6. Pencil Case

So I've always been someone who does little drawings and crafts and I haven't done anything artsy for awhile except maybe photographs. So now I just decided to start it back up again. I used to love to draw and I don't know what happened. I just stopped. I just got really excited about it again and it just motivated me to really try. Anywhoo I would like a diffuser just because it's just easier. My hair takes hours to dry and instead of putting it in a bun and I just gel it up and run out the door with curls. And as for those suede shorts...those are just to die for :)

OOTD: Fields of Gold

Posted on Jan 16, 2012

(top: Goodwill, shorts: Forever 21, earrings: Forever 21, socks: Kohl's, boots: Rue 21)

Color! I've been missing a bit of color lately and I just let it out with this outfit. I like this kind of Indian inspired top and when I saw it for only $2 I just said whaaat the fuckk and I bought it. I've always wanted a brown top and this is suede so it's even better. These cute little floral shorts are my favorite sort of things to wear. Maybe I should do a blog post about all of my shorts?...I probably will. Anyways I love this outfit so much and hope you guys enjoy!

Blogger Inspiration: Sara

Posted on Jan 15, 2012

You can find Sara HERE

Just testing out my collaging skillsssss. Well these are all of my favorite outfits from her over three years. I have this folder on my computer that's called Inspiration and I save all the little cute outfits that I find on the web and I realized that I have a ton of outfits saved from her. Anywhooo I love how she puts comfortable clothing together with a turban or jewelry. All of her shoes are great too! She's pretty much my clothing inspiration.

I feel like going to high school was my excuse to dress up and wear really busy outfits. But since my whole goal is to fill up my closet with mostly basics and some prints and heels, I feel like a part of me is growing out of it. It was more of a project before than an actual interest to be in style. I hope that makes sense. :). 

OOTD: Plaid Out

Posted on Jan 14, 2012

(top: Rue 21, shorts: Goodwill, belt: Goodwill, oxfords: Ross)

Sooo, Alex took these photos for me after school Wednesday and that's about it for the day. Pretty regular except for the random laughs here and there :). Anywhoo I love these shorts even though they're about two sizes too big. They were my first high waist shorts ha. This plaid top is pretty casual and this is the first time I wore it. I think I matched it pretty well. :) Hope you guys have a great weekend

OOTD: Some Kind of Nature

Posted on Jan 12, 2012

top: gift from mom, Old Navy, jeggings: Pacsun, cardigan: Goodwill, necklace: Kohl's

Not much to say today! I'm quickly posting this today because I won't have time to post tonight. Just a simple outfit just to wear the shirt my mom gave me as a gift. Man I really have to wear some vibrant colors. I've been so bland lately. Any tips on posing? :)

Buys: Mustard Flats

Posted on Jan 9, 2012

Quick post: Sorry I have a lot of homework tonight :).
I found these babies on eBay for $6. I just wanted to try eBay to see what I could find and the first thing I found was great. I think I found a new place to shop. Yeah these shoes are nothing special but I'm a bit girly and I can't ever resist mustard :).

Self: Bonfire

Posted on Jan 8, 2012

There was a bonfire at my friend Devon's house Saturday. So I took out my camera and worked on my photo skills! I wish I had more!  It was a fun night all in all! :)