Wishlist: Happy Holidays

Posted on Dec 21, 2011

2. Animal Print Wedges 3. Tiger Print Wedges 4. Feather Top 5. Rhinestone Ring 6. Goddess Ring 7. Whistle Necklace 8. Patterned Skinnies 9. Lace up ankle skinnies

During the holidays, all I've done is run a mile a day, shop for Christmas presents, work, eat, sleep and blog. I can't wait until Christmas though! All the family, gifts and food yum! Anyway, here's my Christmas list....yes it's a bit extensive :). Everything is from Forever 21 besides the DSLR Camera 14x camera. Happy Holidays!
  1. good choices
    keep up the blogging


  2. Great wishlist!

    Lovely blog,am a new follower x

  3. Great Wishlist!!! I hope Santa is good to you :)

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    Happy Holidays,