OOTD: Just a Student

Posted on Jan 31, 2013

 | top: Sugarlips | shorts: Goodwill | bag, earrings: gift | sandals: My Hot Shoes |

Hey guys! So this was a day when I just wore something simple and cute to school. Also I was trying out a different hairstyle because I hair was like Curly Q lol. I especially love these earrings that my friend Brianna bought for me! She knows I secretly wish I could collect all things Native American. She even made me a dream catcher :). 

To My Readers!
Oh gosh! Just a couple days until fashion week and I feel like my outfits are so not up to par! Ok tomorrow I'm going to have to post about what I'm going to wear and see what you guys think yeah? I'd love the support! 

OOTD: Bold, Basic, Details

Posted on Jan 28, 2013

|top: Ross | skirt: Forever 21 | wedges: MyHotShoes | watch: Kohl's|

Well hello everyone! Sorry about the photos! I only managed to get one photo of a full body shot, the sky was a bit overcast and the sun came out for about half a second haha. Well as you can see this was easily a comfortable outfit and I love the blue wedges with it for an added pop. I plan on taking them and my skirt with me to NY and possibly wearing an all black ensemble with it. Before I go I'm going to do some thrifting though to see what I find!

Too bad I have so much homework. I have an exam tomorrow and 2 modules and a practice quiz due online. Does anyone else hate how much homework there is to do online?? Math is the worst lol. Well I'm off to study, laze about and study some more. Have a good week! xx

OOTD: Gems & Cutoffs

Posted on Jan 24, 2013

 | top: Papaya | shorts, belt: Goodwill | bag, cardigan: Cotton On | jewelry: Urban Philosophy | watch, boots: Kohls |

Hey guys! So today I'm featuring Urban Philosophy's jewelry! You can see the jewelry up close in my previous post too. I just love this necklace as I've told you guys before so I decided to go with a basic outfit with a draped cardigan for a little extra dramatic affect. This has kind of become my uniform now a days...tanks and high waist shorts, especially black tanks. Oh and I added some lipstick too! Haha I guess there's a first for everything since I only ever wear lipstick on special occasions. 

Anyway this weekend I'm too excited!! I get to hang out with some friends that I haven't seen in such a long time! A bit of a study session with her will be too awesome and I get to see her dorm! Ehh...I have the worst teacher speaking of studying...he hates opinions and takes forever to go over things that are actually going to be on the test. Lol too irritating.

Discount: Anyway you guys should check out Urban Philosophy! They get new arrivals pretty frequently :). And don't forget to use the 10% off code OLIVIANOEL. Just like them on their facebook page and message them the discount code and they'll give you the discount! That way you'll save more on your first purchase! Have a good weekend! xx

Buys: Favorite Buys & Urban Philosophy

Posted on Jan 22, 2013

 TOP | green crop: Boohoo | black crop: Papaya | beige high waist leggings: Boohoo | galaxy leggings: Romwe|
MIDDLE: | floral bustiers: Nadja's Closet | velvet bustier: Wet Seal |
BOTTOM: | jewelry: Urban Philosophy |

A Bit about Urban Philosophy
Hello! So before starting out talking about how awesome these clothes are, I wanted to talk about Urban Philosophy! I love love love jewelry and when they sent me this vintage looking lion necklace and this gold and white statement bracelet, I was pretty much beside myself. Haha I was just sooo in love with this necklace and they're such a fabulous store. They have vintage looking, on trend yet unique pieces and their dresses are literally divine. Besides that they're 100% affordable, they have quality pieces and their sales section is quite nice :). Check them out! They're lovely and if you ever get in contact with them, they're super sweet and genuine :). 

So so so, I love the other pieces. I bought these bustier's from Nadja and her link is above. As soon as her new shop opens, I can't wait to shop and buy some of her goodies. Besides that....you guys I've finally got my hands on galaxy leggings woo! I'm all but too excited to pick these up and style these as many ways as I can possibly think of. The same goes for stripes leggings but these galaxy leggings make me too happy...

Anywhoo I plan on wearing those beige leggings and that green top to fashion week with a pink blazer what do you guys think? You know?? I think I'm going to just make a little outfit post of what I'm going to wear up there and have you guys give me feedback... I'm so OCD and I've never been there so I feel like the outfits have got to be perfect! Not to mention I'll be wearing makeup with the help of my cousin lol.

OOTD: Destroyed Destroy

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

 | top: Tj Maxx | jeans: American Eagle | boots: Kohl's | bag, beanie: Cotton On | necklace: Ebay |

Hello guys! So if you follow me on instagram you'd know that I wore this outfit quite some time ago and I forgot to post it! I've got to say this was a bit of a risk to wear this for me. You guys know me, I'm all about comfort but I've never worn a beanie before and I wasn't quite sure if I would pull it off lol. Anyways here's another neutral outfit with my favorite black booties.

On a side note I've been reading Harry Potter and I've finally gotten to the last book! I've also been wondering what to wear to fashion week. I have the first outfit down (I think) but it's been so long since I've felt anything less than 50 degrees I'm afraid I'll be under dressed! Lol such a worry wart. Have a great week guys! 

OOTD: From the Apple

Posted on Jan 17, 2013

 | sweater: Wal-Mart | shorts: Forever21 | tights: Kohl's | necklace: Ebay | bag: Cotton On |

Hey guys what's up! So there managed to be some cold weather in Florida a couple of weeks ago and I took advantage of pulling out my new sweater! Also added the eye necklace and striped tights to give it some more edge! Black accessories and I was satisfied with the comfort and the look.

I can say now that the homework now is starting to pile up a bit slowly and I'm aslo thinking about outfits to wear to New York which I'm so excited about! I might do a video?? But I might decide to buy some riding pants before I go! Wish me luck Check out my entry at Fashion Sponge!

Travel: The IFB Conference in NY

Posted on Jan 14, 2013

Hey guys!! Just a quick post about the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference in NY! I would lovee to know who's going! I was so scared the early bird tickets were going to sell out before I had the chance to get the money to buy them. Anyways let me know! We could meet up, exchange info, whatever :).

OOTD: Patched

Posted on Jan 13, 2013

| top: Ross | shorts: Goodwill | bag: Cotton On | oxfords: Target |

Well it's back to school now to the fullest and so you know high waist shorts are back in my good graces almost 100% of the time. Of course this was a fairly comfortable outfit and the patches I did awhile ago ( last summer? ) with my friend Jasmin. Just a simple back to school outfit and I've put on oxfords! I haven't worn them in so long since I've been in love with my black boots.

I wish I could layer though!! I know I've gotten a lot of comments about how awesome it is that everything is so hot and sunny in Florida but mann, taking inspiration from people like Amanda of Done n Done who are masters at layering, is hard to do when putting on two shirts means you sweat bullets.

Is it weird that I'm a bit excited that I'm in school? In the midst of reading Harry Potter all break long and organizing my room, I've become a hermit again. Anywhoo I hope you guys have a good weekend! ( Thanks so much you guys! 600 followers is a blessing! )

OOTD: Shopping with Leather

Posted on Jan 11, 2013

| top: Goodwill | leggings: Oasap | boots, bag: Kohl's |

Hey guys! So I wore this outfit before the first week of school and the first week of the flu! I was trying to take advantage of the semi-chilly weather and slipped on some leather leggings. Then for a comfortable trip to the store, I wore a comfy baggy top with mom's huge bag to add a bit of color. My hair was in this weird almost middle part and I tried to make my hair a bit curly when it was straight. Not sure if it's my favorite but for the photos it will do! :)

Speaking of the first week of school it surprisingly went great! I took 2 social science classes, one humanities and a science for this semester. Might do a school supplies post who knows.  Hope you guys had a good week! Stay healthy! The flu is going around apparently :). 

Buys: From Christmas

Posted on Jan 9, 2013

Hey guys so these are some of the things I've gotten for Christmas. Sorry for the delay in posts and the short post! I've had the flu since Sunday. So I had to go to school like dying... Lol I already have homework too so when I get home and after I nap I go straight to homework! It sucks...I like my leisure time and my messy room will just have to wait until I'm alive. Hate being sick :(. More outfit posts coming soon!