OOTD: In Blue

Posted on Oct 29, 2012

| top: Forever 21 | skirt: Oasap | fedora: Forever 21 | wedges: Myhotshoes |

So I can't get enough of this skirt anddd this top haha. I've worn both a couple of times and I'm sure there will be some outfit posts up with more of both pieces. I wore this about a week ago to work with a cardigan and I'm so glad these shoes are easy to walk in. And this necklace makes me want to buy more statement pieces. I have a feeling that I'll be wearing a lot of basics this winter season.

Basically I now have a job interview at Tilly's a clothing store that's kind of similar to Pacsun if you haven't heard of it and it's part time! Also it's more interesting fashion forward than a call center lol. After quitting that job and relaxing for a week I've come back to reality and started focusing on what's more important like blogging... and school!

Buys: It's Been Awhile: Fall Haul

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Above: All From Kohl's || Below: Target/Ebay/Thrifted

So it's been awhile since I've shopped. It was kind of a nice break haha. I would shop atleast once or twice and it almost became ridiculous where I would say "ok I have $20 for gas so I won't go anywhere to shop, I'll just shop online". Haha it was dumb, so I just decided to save more and shop here and there.

From Kohl's I bought mostly pants for work and jewelry because of a huge sale recently. I had to get some altered because of the length but I love the colors.  As for Target, I ended buying these lovely arrow earrings and a beanie. I wish I had more of that color as well. Then from Ebay I bought a white chiffon basic top and a graphic yellow top. The rest is all thrifted from the new HUGE Goodwill that just opened up! :D

OOTD: Charge

Posted on Oct 27, 2012

 |top: Goodwill | heels: myhotshoes | pants: Kohl's | necklace: Ebay |

So it's the weekend woo! I've been kind of procrastinating with the essay I'm supposed to write but of course I'll get it done ha. And as for these pants, they're so huge but I couldn't help but try and style them. Haha the whole day I was kind of pulling them  up and re-tightening the straps but the photos came out pretty good right? Simple styling with the necklace and added wedges that I'm still in love with. 

Lately I've been trying to change the layout of my blog but I can't :(. Every time I try to edit my template, I get an error message and it's been going on forrrevverrrr. It's kind of frustrating too. It almost makes me want to move my blog or just re-edit the whole thing with using an html. Any help with this or suggestions? I have no idea why this is happening haha.

Also bun tutorial is coming soon! Although it's just me putting my hair in a bun without much instruction...I honestly wasn't sure how to go about doing that but I was in a rush haha. Anyway I hope you guys have a great weekend and Happy Halloween! :)

OOTD: Bronze

Posted on Oct 24, 2012

|top: Ross | jeans: old | jewelry: Kohl's, Ebay | flats: Ross |

I loveee this outfit. I wore this a couple weeks back before I started working and I'm in love with the color combination. Since I've always been a fan of neutrals, the leopard flats and the necklace really came in handy ha. And it's finally becoming cold in Florida so my go to outfits have become leggings and baggy shirts with boots haha.

Well off to do homework, I'm a bit busy today! Thanks so much for the comments, I know I've been a bit idle!

OOTD: Neutrals

Posted on Oct 16, 2012

 |skirt: Charlotte Russe | top: c/o Sugarlips | jewelry & heels: Kohl's | jacket: Ebay |

So this is one of my favorite outfits that I've worn to work. It's sweet and girly and I love the necklace that I wore with it. I felt very comfortable and I'm in love with this top from Sugarlips. Well before I go I want to talk about my weekend! It wasn't very exiting haha. I realize that I don't like clubbing at all lol. But I get my paycheck and my phone is broken so instagram will be on hold as well.

Anywhoo, I'm off to do some more homework and go to work. Sorry I've been a bit MIA and for this quick post! I know I've been a horrible blogger. 

OOTD: Blazer

Posted on Oct 9, 2012

|top & necklace: Kohl's | jeans: ?? | heels & blazer & bag: Ross|

Hey guys! So I'm used to my work and school schedule and it's not as bad as it was before. I know you guys are probably bored with me talking about work work work but that's been my life recently. So I wore this on Friday for casual day and I was dying to wear a blazer. My mom also bought this necklace for me because she said I needed some color in my life haha.

I have two weeks left of training and I'm pretty excited! My mom is so worried that I'll crash and burn by the time the semester ends but I think if others can do it, I can too. I'm also saving to move out! When the day comes when I'm able to move out...I'll rejoice haha. I'm hoping by the summer I'll have enough money.

OOTD: Sherbet

Posted on Oct 7, 2012

|dress: Forever 21 | shoes: mom's | jewelry: Forever 21, Kohl's, Beya |

So I got my first paycheck today and I went out shopping for a bit. Life and blogging have been a bit slow so I'm sorry about that. I have so many outfits posts that I want to do too! I have to say that I've become a night person. I have trouble waking up at 10 but I'm good to go at 12am haha. Work has changed me and hopefully soon I'll get the hours I want so I can blog more!

And at work I assumed that when my boss said "causal business" he meant actual business attire lol. But when I walked in to work the first day and saw leggings and regular tops I was so happy. Haha so I'm going to have a good time picking out clothes. I wore this dress Friday actually for casual day. I thought it was pretty simple. I'm trying to wear all of my summer clothes until Fall arrives in Florida :).