OOTD: Cosmic

Posted on Mar 30, 2013

 | top: local shop | leggings: Romwe | wedges: My Hot Shoes | bracelet: Urban Philosophy | headband: Target |

Hey hey guys! So here's what I've been up to this past week. I've been dealing with school and I just finished my term paper! I also picked up a few more hours at work so I've been getting my fair share of naps :). Naps have literally been my best friend these past few weeks. I'm also preparing a bit for Alex's birthday! I'm definitely baking him something and we're going to go bike riding if the weather turns out to be sunny :).

Ahh I wish I had more places to wear these shoes! And since I've been buying so many leggings lately, I've been dying to buy more sweater but of course it's getting hotter outside lol. Well have a great week guys! :)

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Wishlist: It's Been Awhile

Posted on Mar 26, 2013

Woah woah guys, it's been awhile since I've posted again! Sorry!! I've been dealing with some family and personal issues. Not to mention school and work! And I also deleted my instagram (more on that later). Anywhoo these are some of the lovelies that I've been coveting. Especially the necklaces :).

OOTD: Giraffes and Neon

Posted on Mar 21, 2013

 | top: Ross | shorts: Goodwill | necklace, boots: Kohl's |

Lol excuse the roughness of these photos. I'm sick again and so is everyone around me so my day has been kind of long haha. I pulled out the huge giraffe print shorts again and paired it with a simple neutral and a bright! Very very simple outfit for those days when you're sick but you still have to go to work lol. Ahh and I stayed up last night until 1 just to spare a few hours to hang out with babes! I just know that I'll be lazy for the next couple of days.

Haha by the way the funniest thing happened today. We were pulling shorts out from the back room to put out on the sales and these boxes are sometimes there for months because we get sooo much inventory. Anyway, a spider popped up out of nowhere and nobody wanted to kill it so with the use of a long pole and a large amount of windex, we killed the spider. Lol only to be experienced at a clothing store full of girls <3.

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OOTD: Velvet, Blue, Stripes

Posted on Mar 17, 2013

 | leggings, necklace: Ebay | wedges: Myhotshoes | top: Goodwill |

Hey! I actually wore this outfit way back in December and surprisingly it's colder today than it was back then. I'm so unbelievably tired and this week I've been dealing with being a little sick again. Anyway that's why I've taken a little break from blogging! Plus I have two exams this week! Hopefully I'll be able to sleep in once this week :).

P.S. If you're looking for natural products of any sort Abe's Market is having a promotion! Easter is coming soon and from March 18-20, they're having a sale on items that are perfect for the occasion!

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OOTD: Pile it On, It's Your Day

Posted on Mar 10, 2013

 | dress: Sugarlips | bag, flats: Ross | necklace: Forever 21 | rings: Beya, Ebay, Target | cardigan: Goodwill |

Hello! So I wore this to my birthday dinner and out with Alex. I've been buying more dresses lately and I just decided to where one. Since it was a bit chilly and cloudy I pulled out my favorite over sized cardigan and added some color with the bag and the jewelry!

Since I procrastinated during my break, I'm about to finish my homework. I thought I had so much more to do but I guess I was just being lazy haha. After this I'm going to head out to buy a bunch of girly products like hair and bath supplies. Lol I'm trying to enjoy this last day of spring break as much as possible :).

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Buys: !!

Posted on Mar 5, 2013

Hey guys so today is my birthday and I'm finally 19. Hmmm, not too excited to be quite honest. I forgot about it until a couple days ago which never happens. Think I might do some shopping and that's about it. Wish I was more enthusiastic, but being 19 isn't such a big deal. Lol I'm more excited to shop! I haven't been on a shopping spree in so long :D. Well here's a few things I bought from Plato's Closet a couple days ago.

Bought Items:

Ahh I'm so in love with those earrings and I'm always down for buying a new pair of desert shoes/chukkas. I think I'll post the birthday haul tomorrow! Hope you guys have a good day!

P.S. All of the Similar Looks are usually from Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Boohoo and other cute stores like that so feel free to look through their styles! :)

OOTD: Mustard Cardigan

Posted on Mar 3, 2013

 | cardigan: H&M | shorts, top, belt: Goodwill | tights: Wet Seal |

So ever since I found this cardigan at H&M in this color, I've been in love. I've always loved this color and it's so warm and cozy too haha. Today I wore very simple items to let this cardigan speak for itself! Cardigans have been a favortie of mine ever since I've been into fashion. It really is an accessory to me. 

Woo besides that it's spring break!! And my birthday is in a couple of days! I actually forgot about my birthday until my mom reminded me about it... Haha but it's all good. I picked up more hours at work and I've had more incentive to get rid of things in my wardrobe since I work at a clothing store. My paycheck goes straight to their clothes -_-. Haha hope you guys have a great weekend! 

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