OOTD: Christmas Look Pt.3

Posted on Dec 28, 2012

 | bustier: Wet Seal | skirt: Ebay | wedges: myhotshoes | jacket: Goodwill | necklace: ?? |

Hey guys this is my last and final Christmas outfit! I wore this the day after Christmas for Alex so we could exchange gifts and have our own Christmas. Well he loved the bustier and I was happy! The wind was ridiculous while I took photos though so I actually wore this out in a bun. So if you were wondering why my hands were all in my hair that was why. 

Lazy day for me today! I'm about to take a nap and read some Harry Potter since I was up until 4 last night 0__0. Have a good day guys! :)

OOTD: Christmas Look Pt.2

Posted on Dec 27, 2012

 | top, cardigan, bag: Goodwill | boots: Kohl's | earrings: thrifted | necklace: Ebay |

Hey guys, this is look number 2! I wore this on Christmas day (and added shoes for photos). Little Christmas bell earrings and gold accents and I felt 100% festive. At times like this I wish I had a Christmas sweater but I figured red would just have to do! This was just a pretty standard red, green and gold opening presents and eating tons of food type of ensemble :). Hmm and of course Daisy was my baby this Christmas, I'm so grateful for her. Anywhoo I can't think of anything else to say because this outfit is just so simple! But I had a lovely Christmas

OOTD: Christmas Look Pt.1

Posted on Dec 26, 2012

 | dress: Ross | cardigan: gifted | tights, socks, boots: Kohl's | bag: Goodwill |

Hello lovlies! So I'll be posting 3 looks of my Christmas outfits and this was the first one! I wore this on Christmas Eve before my Aunt and Uncle stopped by for a quick visit. This day was basically a lazy one filled with cooking and tidying up the house for Christmas morning! I hardly wear dresses as you guys might have noticed and I figured plaid was just the right amount of red for an "almost" Christmas day. Jeez how many more times can I say Christmas lol.

I tried a new hairstyle as well. The front of my hair lost alll of the curl and turned into an afro so I pulled them off of my face and it turned out quite well I think! Also my poor tights ripped but I refuse to get rid of them because they're the only polka tights I have. More to come soon! Either tomorrow or the day after! I don't like to post every single day. :)

Self: Christmas Day

Posted on Dec 25, 2012

 Merry Christmas everyone! Today was filled with delicious food and awesome ass gifts woo! Right now we're sitting around watching Men in Black and digesting haha. It's been awhile since my family has come down and I was so excited to see them! There's my mom in the black dress and Aunty Donna and Uncle Devon are the other two. I'm sure you guys can understand why this post will be short. Gotta get back to the fam! Hope you guys have a rest of the day and I can't wait to see what you guys got!

OOTD: For a Friend

Posted on Dec 21, 2012

| top: Target | jacket: Ebay | pants: Forever 21 | jewelry: Kohl's | bag: Cotton On | wedges: My Hot Shoes |

Helloo! So my friend Vanice just graduated from college with her master's about a week ago and she asked me to be the photographer at the dinner! So of course I accepted and decided to wear my new trousers from Forever 21. I wanted to dress up of course and be a bit professional, so I figured this graphic top would be the best way to dress it down. So I took the photos for her that night and the next morning I went out and took outfit photos....is that odd? Haha one of the reason why I'm so in love with this is outfit is because it makes me look so tall! I love the wedges and the high waist! It just screams tall and lean...

Oh boy, I think it's time to amp up my style for the new year. I've been comfortable and cozy for way too long. I should play with color more too! I hope you guys are excited about Christmas like I am! I just wrapped all my gifts and finally finished shopping. Now I have to make some Christmas cookies and clean up the room. Happy Holidays :). 

Buys: Black Friday-Barely a Haul

Posted on Dec 19, 2012

| Jeans from AE | Bag and Beanie from Cotton On |

So on Black Friday I worked a shift at American Eagle from 5am-1pm and decided to only buy a couple of things since I just wanted to go home at that point. Since I work there now I decided to buy some jeans! I love patterned pants and I've always wanted destroyed denim but I never thought I could pull it off. I think once the destroyed jeans get a bit older I'll put some holes in them and both pairs were only $15 each! Also I've been wanting just a basic black shoulder bag for awhile now and I bought this for $15 too! The same thing goes for the beanie when I say I'm unsure if I can pull it off but I'll wear it anyway, why not ya know?

I think the next "Bought Items" post will be all about thrifting! I can't wait to go there it's been like months since I've gone. I hope you guys have a good day! :)

OOTD: Autumn Leaves

Posted on Dec 17, 2012

| top, scarf: Goodwill | shorts: Forever 21 | bag: Cotton On | earrings, tights: Kohl's | oxfords: Target |

Hello hello. So it's been pretty sunny out lately down here in Florida and I've been fortunate enough to get away with just tights and shorts. These are one of my favorite pair of tights by the way and I was so close to putting a huge rip in them the other day -_-. Needless to say this is a very very comfortable outfit and these shorts will never stray from my wardrobe lol.

I've been looking through my outfit posts too and I'm realizing how much I wear white, green and blue. Haha at first I thought it must be the season but then I looked at my closet and realized how almost everything is neutral. I need to get rid of some clothes and possibly sell them? Maybe I'll do a giveaway for starters and then start a full fledged online shop on tumblr. I'm in need of a new project. Any thoughts? 

OOTD: Tones

Posted on Dec 15, 2012

|top, boots: Kohl's |  belt, cardigan: Goodwill | bag: Cotton On | necklace, ring: Ebay | skirt: ?|

Hello hello. I'm free from finals and unfortunately free from the cold. While wearing this awesomely comfortable sweater, I was almost about to die. It was so hot outside which is why it's not fully on lol. Since I seem to be the only blogger who doesn't have a skater skirt, I pulled this skirt out from the back of my drawer and tried it on to see if it even fit! Needless to say I wore shorts underneath...

When I shot these photos I couldn't decide on which place to shoot them so at first I took photos in the backyard and went back inside to look at them under better lighting. Then I decided to just retry and take photos against my neighbors wall. Which backdrop do you like better? Too bad I'm so limited. I'd love to take photos elsewhere!

Since I've discovered eBay I've been stocking on necklaces like crazy and I might do a post of my collection.  This snakeskin necklace is one of my recent purchases and I just loveee it. The detail of the leaf on my bracelet just makes me happy too lol.