OOTD: In Between

Posted on Aug 19, 2015

Hey! It's been raining heavily the past couple of days but yesterday I went ahead and took photos between the downpour. Why not! Then I reorganized my room again and worked out (finally lol). My workout routine has been so bad lately...I just started jogging again. I'm kind of a loner so these past few days have been pure bliss,  especially since there's only a week before the fall semester starts. Didn't summer just start?  Before I even begin to become nostalgic and complain about school , I'd like to talk about the last couple days of summer! I finally planned a small local vacation for Alex and I. Our schedules finally aligned! Also, there's a craft fest that I miss everyyyyy year and finally I remembered to check and plan for it.
This is the kind of outfit I'd wear to both occasions; to the indie craft fest and for a regular summer morning. This kimono is especially comfortable for summer mornings and pairing my favorite black shorts with this airy patterned tank required little to no jewelry. I figured in this case, less is more. I went for this small pendant by Roebucks again. I'm always temptedd to wear it as a layering piece but since I love it so much, I save this necklace for certain outfits :).

Graphic Top | H&M
Black Shorts | Forever 21
White Kimono | Boohoo
Sunglasses | Oasap
Jewelry | Roxbocks
Brown Flats | Forever 21

OOTD: Over My Head

Posted on Aug 15, 2015

I've had this hat for quite some time now but it took me awhile to find a hairstyle that didn't murda me in this heat. And usually whenever I try to wear hats, they fall off of my head anyway. So I decided to pull this accessory on over my 'twist-out twists' on the way downtown with Alex. Perfect outfit for summer mornings, especially with the open sleeves. Sadly, it looks like I have to get rid of these shorts and find another pair of acid wash! Shout out to Fei of Fancy Muffin who could just make acid wash shorts lol.
This weekend I reunited with some friends from high school. We went to a wine and art walk and then we went to a jazz restaurant. I have a few photos from the event but the art walk ended up being about two blocks long. We were told next weekend there would be an Indie Craft fest and I can't wait to attend!
Well, right now I'm editing photos while it rains and I'm looking up last minute getaways before the summer ends. Maybe just to St. Augustine or somewhere in Georgia. 

Geo Print Top | Boohoo
Shorts | Forever 21
Black Sandals |  Forever 21
Green Crossbody | Goodwill
Hat | Boohoo
Necklace | Burlington

OOTD: Coral Springs

Posted on Aug 11, 2015

Hey everyone! I wore this this outfit the second week of summer on a trip to Coral Springs. I went there to visit Alex and his family and just to get away for the weekend. I love taking road trips; road trips and hikes. It always seems to clear my mind. Although...I won't lie my work out regimen has been so bad lately... but it's okay lol, I'm annoyed enough with myself to start up again. Yay for motivation haha.  I haven't slept in about 24 hours... :P
Well my friend Monique swapped clothes with me and I received this shirt and a few other nice T's in the end. I decided to pull on khaki cropped pants to balance my bare shoulders. Then for added modesty I went ahead and added my white kimono. 

Tribal Print Top | Forever 21 
Cargo Cropped Pants | Kohl's
White Kimono | Boohoo
Sandals | Kohl's

Self: My Bag

Posted on Aug 10, 2015

Here's my 'What's in my bag' post as promised! A big thank you to my family friend Mrs. Janice for gifting me this rug too. I forgot to add my mints and a pen but this is definitely the usual when it comes to what I carry. Sometimes I carry sunglasses too :).

1. Wallet |
Honestly, I don't use this wallet anymore but the one I'm using now is even older lol. It's just a regular black card holder until I find a wallet that holds everything. Well! It's where I keep my $$ and gift cards.

2. Phone |
An HTC and an aztec case from eBay

3. Body Spray |
Twilight Woods - Bath and Body Works

4. Lotion |
Fiji - Bath and Body Works

5. Hand Sanitizer |
Grape - Bath and Body Works

6. Card Holder |
This was a gift from a family friend two Christmas's ago

7. Mirror |
That I use discreetly...

8. Lip Love |
Chapstick  - Burt's Bees - Loreal Lipstick

9. Small Notebook |
 To jot down art ideas, blog posts and journal entries

OOTD: Normal

Posted on Aug 8, 2015

I love Forever 21. I'm always buying their clothes online. Today I unintentionally dressed head to toe in Forever 21 and fall colors on the way out to shop.  Perfect shoes for walking around and perfect skirt (w/ shorts) for trying on clothes. It's always fun adding prints to a graphic top and whenever I go out I always make sure I push myself to dress up, especially after having some bad vibes thrown at me the previous day. But hey, I'm all about self love and not worrying about the small things. That's something I figured out just as I turned 21. I haven't mastered it yet of course but I'm not as hard on myself as I used to be and it's gotten a lot easier :).  It feels guuuuuuud to come out of my shell seemingly for the second time <3.
Tomorrow I'm thinking of posting your classic 'what's in your bag' post. I think it's been at least a year and it's time to add more variety to this blog again. Also, I can't wait to feature my new rug! xx

Tank Top | Forever 21
Polka Skirt | Forever 21
Cardigan | Forever 21
Gold Leaf Necklace | Forever 21
Brown Bag | Ross
Red Flats | Forever 21


Posted on Aug 7, 2015

Little black dress. Finally found one, fit and flare... although it's a bit big hehe. I'm so happy to say that today is the last day of summer classes and I doubt I'll ever do it again...It's been too long since I've truly truly enjoyed myself over the summer. Meaning next summer I"m either working or vacationing.
This outfit is perfect for a lunch date or a jazz concert and I wore this to the latter with my mom. There were local jazz bands playing at the outdoor auditorium and as you can see, the parking lot was empty. Haha once we arrived, I had enough time to take photos and walk back to our cars in the rain. We went to a movie and wend out to dinner instead :). That's one of the good things about the summer, I always get more quality time with my loved ones.

LBD | Ross
Kimono | Kohl's
Heels | Kohl's
Necklaces | Forever 21, Kohl's, Mom

OOTD: Very Casual

Posted on Aug 5, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram then you've already seen this outfit but I'm deciding to share this and an additional post with you guys tonight. Simply put, this outfit is very causal. So casual that I changed shoes for photos.
Lately I've been recycling my clothes to make room for fall and huge sweaters and I almost threw this top away impulsively. Also, I'm wearing some new additions to my jewelry collection! I love this necklace from Forever 21 and I've always wanted to try mirrored sunglasses in this shade.
I think after a few more outfit posts I'll add a jewelry or shorts post. What do you girlies think? :)

Lace Top | Sugarlips (old)
Denim Shorts | DIY
Necklace | Forever 21
Sunglasses | Polette
Sandals | Kohl's
Green Bag | Goodwill

OOTD: Boheme

Posted on Aug 1, 2015

Hey hey girls. I took these photos one early morning last week. I was determined to beat the humidity. Victory lol. It's already August and this is my last summer that I can really eff around. No more part time jobs and no more summer classes next year. This summer was odd too. Every plan that I had seemed to fall through. Events ended or tickets sold out before everyone made set plans lol. But I can't say it hasn't been fun so far. I've been inching away from regularly blogging for a long time and I think the month long hiatus really helped me relax into myself instead of looking at what every other blogger has been doing. Our community has gotten so large and it's hard to find blogs Not to follow now. I love it but it should't discourage me now should it. It's been awhile since I've wanted to share my true voice.

Well! I love this outfit. I finally found something patterned to wear with this necklace that I found at a local shop for about $5. Also, I'm totally in love with the color of these pants. This is the first time I've shopped at Cato's and I had no clue they had such cute items! I ended buying another pair of pants and a pair of shorts on sale. Anywhoo, I almost thought this outfit was too match-matchy because of the purple within the print but I thought my 3 year old mustard bag was a perfect pop of color, besides it's hardly been worn. :)

Top | Boohoo
Printed Pants | Cato
Mustard Bag | Ross
Necklace | Local Shop 
Sunglasses | Oasap