OOTD: Dots

Posted on Apr 29, 2013

 | sweater: F21 | shorts, shoes: Goodwill | bag: Cotton On | necklace: gift from Alex |

So I've been MIA for awhile but I've been taking of things. My mom's birthday was a couple of days ago and I have one more exam to go before I'm done with the Spring term! Also since the end of the term is pretty close I've resorted to wearing head scarves and huge tees due to my laziness ha.

These shorts are actually way too short now :(. But I wore them for photos anyway before I changed for work haha. Work has been the only time I've been kind of dressing up lately. Haha but anyhow I bought this sweater from Forever 21 when I went to NY for the IFB conference and I can't seem to stay away from this necklace! Well I have a litttle more homework to do and I think I'm heading to Alex's tonight sot I better get it done! Have a good week guys :).

Buys: Mini Spree

Posted on Apr 23, 2013

Necklace: Ebay
Local Shop: (Above and Below)
Forever 21
| top: Target | leggings: Cotton On | boots: Rue21 | scarf: Goodwill |

Hey heyy. So these are some clothes that I've bought and haven't worn yet. I took back those leggings too because they looked so much better online haha. But everything else I'm excited to wear! Especially the high waist shorts and those earrings! I'm suck a sucker for huge earrings :).

Well besides studying for my exam on Thursday, I hung out with Alex and I'm still at his house just waiting on his mom for some dinner. Ah I'm so tired and these exams are so draining but I'm so glad it's almost over and I'll have complete lazy days! Anywhoo this is my outfit to school. I've been looking so drab lately lol. I hope I'm not the only one experiencing this lazy crap. Have a good week guys! xx

 P.S. Romwe will have a big sale for Mother’s Day with discounts up to 70% during April 25th to 27th!

OOTD: Mom's Vintage & Giveaway Winner

Posted on Apr 15, 2013

 | top: Mom's | pants: Boohoo | shirt: Wal-Mart | boots: Rue 21 | bag: Cotton On | earrings: Forever 21, Ebay |

Well hey hey. I wore this to work and I gotta say even with the jacket off I was so hot! These pants are definitely great for the winter but not for now. You guys have no idea how many times I've photographed this top with other outfits and for some reason, they never come out well so I'm glad they did now!

This weekend was pretty good. I mean I'm tired today only because I crammed last night and I had to wake at 6:40 :(. But it was fun! I worked and mom decided at random to redo the whole house with wooden floors. No riding bikes/outdoorsy stuff happened but hopefully Alex and I will be able to go on Wednesday!

And the winner of the giveaway is Dosta of I'm a Love Addict! I'll be contacting you soon!
P.S. Diane of Dee-Vine Anonyme featured me on her blog! Love that girl :)

OOTD: Typically Oversized

Posted on Apr 9, 2013

| top: thrifted | shorts: Forever 21 | bag: Cotton On | turban: Goodwill | jewelry: Ebay, gifts | 

Hey hey. So I wore this outfit to my monthly meeting at work and I had fun picking the jewelry out. Thanks  god the shorts weren't too small either! I haven't worn these shorts in so long. Anyway, this is the necklace that Alex bought me so I had fun pairing it with a couple of statement bracelets. Also this is the first time I wore my little ear chain in my second hole!

Oh haha one of the reasons why I had my hair all bundled up in a turban is because well...it's Sunday and it's my lazy day :). Don't forget about the Oasap Giveaway! :) Also I won't be doing the "similar looks" anymore  I just don't think it goes well with my blog and I tell you guys where my clothes are from anyways. 


Posted on Apr 2, 2013

| top: Nadja's Closet | skirt: Ebay | belt: Goodwill | earrings: Forever 21 | shoes: Ross | 

Ooh this outfit is one of the girly ones. I thought it was the perfect way to start off a spring post. My laziness has been subsiding lately so I've been dressing up more often to go to work :). To start off, I love these earrings. I should have gotten a closer photo but their photo is below. They were a gift from my cousin for my birthday.

And speaking of birthdays today is Alex's birthday yay! :). He turns 20 today and tomorrow we'll be spending our day outside at the wildlife preserve! Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures of that and of some tomorrow but I doubt it, he hates photos -_-

Well I just have a month until the spring term is almost over so procrastination time is not now! I mean I've been slacking on running too. No more excuses! Have a great rest of the week guys :).

P.S. The reason for my title is just because these poses are horrible =P

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