Wishlist: Dresslink!

Posted on Sep 29, 2015

So when I'm sad, I make excuses...and I go shopping. I usually go thrifting to get out of the house but it was rainy yesterday. I was browsing through clothing stores and forgot I had a summer wish-list at Dresslink.com So I made a collage; a mix of my favorites and buys! I bought a top similar to the black halter and a different two piece set and I can't wait to mix and match the set! These matching sets are better versions of rompers, I was so excited to find one so reasonably priced. I chose the elephant print, which also has a halter piece and I wish I bought the dress but I didn't. What's your favorite piece?

My Closet: Childhood Bedroom & New Jewelry

Posted on Sep 24, 2015

Hey readers! I wanted to show you guys a piece of my room and how I set up my jewelry collection! My bedroom has always been a safe haven and a place to escape to ever since I was a child. It's basically supposed to be a haven of relaxation :). Sometimes I'll feel the need to light a candle and read to feel total relaxation and sometimes I'll work out. I've always loved curling up next to soft earth tones and more than two pillows. When it comes to colors, I tend to gravitate towards gray, white or light green. In fact I just painted my walls light gray about two years ago.
I recently changed the setup of my jewelry again and I don't think you can do this too many times! I used to spread out my jewelry all over the room but I like it all in one space now. That way, I don't forget or lose track of which pieces I haven't been wearing. Also, I mean if you're obsessed with jewelry like I am, it's just fun to rearrange in general. What do you girls prefer?
Since I was recently contacted by Parachute Home, I'll end with a quote from their blog. "When people say they want a soothing color for a bedroom, they often think of blues and grays". This is basically what I turn to too! I love grays, whites, navy blues and green. I'll always be a fan of natural tones. 

OOTD: Red Kimono

Posted on Sep 23, 2015

Hey everyone. I've been sick for about a week and I've been back and forth between Central and South Florida so this is weekend is definitely going to be a laid back one. I took photos in this casual jean outfit during the week and I'm in love with this red printed kimono from Cato's. They're actually becoming a favorite store of mine!

White Tank | Sugarlips
Red Kimono | Cato's
Jeans | Boohoo
Mustard Bag | Ross
Vintage Brown Shoes | Thrifting
Necklace, Sunglasses | Kohl's

OOTD: To Market

Posted on Sep 16, 2015

Hey everyone! I wore this outfit to a Wine and Art Fest in Orlando during the summer and I wanted to show off my new silver pieces and do a little recycling through my closet. The blue top has been in my closet for about a year now but I bought the perfect bra-let to go underneath! Even though it was another overcast day, I was tired of wearing shorts. I decided to pair it with this light purple skirt to match the kind of ethereal look I was going for. Lastly, I styled my hair in a protective style to steer clear of frizz :)

Blue Lace Top | Kohl's
Purple Skirt | Oasap
Light Brown Bag | Ross
Sandals | Kohl's
Single Strand Necklace |  Forever 21
Silver Earrings | Kohl's
Sunglasses | Polette

OOTD: Paintbrush

Posted on Sep 14, 2015

Hey girls. Today I had the day off before class and so Alex and I took a quick trip to the park. I wore dark tones underneath this abstract kimono with a light brown bag. 

Black Skirt | Oasap
Multi-Colored Kimono | Plato's Closet
Sunglasses | Oasap
Brown Purse |  Ross

OOTD: Bohemian Black

Posted on Sep 12, 2015

Hey Everyone! Today I centered my outfit around this gorgeous crochet top that I bought from eBay for roughly $3. On this particular day, I found out there was a death in the family along with the death of my kitty a couple of days earlier. It was just one of those days. I almost didn't do anything and I almost canceled my plans but I decided to jump out of bed at the last minute, throw on a hat, and go! Needless to say, I'm happy I did. Nothing wrong with using fashion to feel good right?

Black Lace Top | eBay
Black Jeans | Boohoo
Black Booties | Burlington
Kimono | Kohl's
Necklace | ShopLately
Red Bag | Oasap
Gray Hat | Boohoo

OOTD: University

Posted on Sep 9, 2015

It's the third week of the semester and the first went by smoothly. While trying to motive myself to get back into the grind, I styled my Polette glasses with a simple go-to outfit; shorts and a top. <3

Green Blouse |  Mom's
Denim Shorts | Thrifted
Brown Backpack | Mom's
Glasses | Polette