OOTD: Lace

Posted on Oct 30, 2015

Hey everyone! I was recently contacted by DealSale. DealSale is an app that basically shows you the lowest prices for the whatever clothing items you're searching for. It reminds of an app for eBay and upon sign up you'll receive a $100 coupon! I ended up buying this top and another black long sleeve crop top. I love the peek-a-boo of this lace top and wore my white skirt to match! This is also the second headband that was gifted to me by Irresistible Me! I love the cute flowers and the extra chains in the back.
Here's 70% off the Android and iPhone app for the DealSale!

Tassle Headband | Irresistible Me
White Crop Top | Deal Sale | Item#: SV022894
White Skirt | Forever 21
Orange Kimono | Kohl's
Silver Leaf Earrings | gift
Brown Boots | Ross

OOTD: How Would You Wear - Inspired by Sarah: Princess Audu

Posted on Oct 25, 2015

Sarah's Blog | Princess Audu

Hey!! I'm so excited to bring you guys this post because I've never swapped for a post! Diane of Deevine Anonyme (queen of color) and the host of How Would You Wear collaborated with other bloggers to decide which blogger to swap style with. We all voted and chose Sarah of Princess Audu. I love her professionalism and her colorful style. She always slays and the heels in this outfit totally caught my eye :3. I'm also a huge fan of kimonos and I loved the way she fashioned hers into a top!

White gray Kimono | Cato
Black Jeans | Boohoo
Black Heels | Beall's
Black Sunglasses | Dresslink
Red Bag | Oasap
Navy Belt | Goodwill

OOTD: Irresistible Me

Posted on Oct 24, 2015

Hey everyone! I was contacted by Irresistible Me to review some of their cute hair accessories. I chose this piece because of the cute gem in the middle. This particular piece is also perfect for natural hair because of the elastic band in the back. So there's no fuss or pulling when I take it off.
I based this whole look off of this headband and I love the results! I bought this top from eBay a while back I thought it hideously did not go with anything because of the duality of the lace. I kept it just in case :). Then I added these printed pants to match my little headband and played off the gold and simple hairstyle with big gold earrings.

Also, for those jewelry fans, get a free month of Rocksbox jewelry with my code:

Jade Hair Chain | Irresistible Me
Lace Top | eBay
Patterned Trousers | Forever 21
Black Fringe Bag | Cato
Gold Leaf Necklace | Forever 21
Gold Earrings | Oasap
Black Sandals | Kohl's

OOTD: Selfie Stick & Travel!

Posted on Oct 21, 2015

 Hey! I was contacted to write a review on this Selfie Stick from Amazon.com. I've been shopping there recently for clothes I figured I'd try my hand out with selfies! I'm somewhat shy when it comes to what I share online and close up photos of my face are no exception. Also, I don't wear makeup so oooh self conscious. 
Lol I have fun with this product though. It has a universal charger on the bottom and connects via Bluetooth. Once it's connected, it's easy to extend or retract and I'm confident my phone won't drop. It's totally useful for travel and I can't wait to take it with me on Halloween! Also...it's great for height differences. :)

OOTD: Leaf Set

Posted on Oct 20, 2015

So when I received this awesome set from Amazon, I couldn't wait to produce outfit photos. I've been dying to get my hands on one and I'm a definite fan of anything with leaves. So here's a quick ootd, featuring my dog Daisy :).

Leaf Set | Amazon
Brown Shoes | Cato
Brown Bag | Cato

Travel: Akanbi Untamed Fashion Show - Orlando, FL

Posted on Oct 9, 2015

Hey girls! Last Saturday I attended the local Akanbi Untamed Fashion Show in Orlando. Lately I've been trying to expand my horizons locally, especially with the fashion community and it doesn't hurt that most of the events are in the heart of Orlando. I may be staying here for a couple of more years and I've honestly fallen in love with the city. 
Anywhoo since the IFB Conference, this would be my second fashion event.
The owner/host Damy started his clothing line last year and uses authentic African pieces.

Blogger Woe: I forgot my damn SD card so all of my photos were taken on my phone...my very old phone :'(.

OOTD: Favorite Jeans!

Posted on Oct 6, 2015

Today I wore my favorite jeans to class and I also ran a few errands. This was my first pair of ripped jeans and they have the perfect amount of elastic! I bought this top years ago and acquired this necklace from my mom's closet the same year. Lastly, I bought this bag along with my last post's purchases.

Striped Tank Top | Burlington
Gold Necklace | Kohl's
Ripped Jeans | Ross, American Eagle
Brown Cardigan | Forever 21
Sunglasses | Polette
Black Boots | Ross
Black Bag | Cato's 

Buys: New In

Posted on Oct 3, 2015

Hey everyone! I recently went shopping online for the first time at Amazon.com and I bought a purse from Cato's. I've never shopped for clothes on Amazon before so I was cautious! Whenever I shop online at a store for the first time, I buy accessories or tops because you can't go wrong with accessories and tops are easy to convert sizes. I don't buy pants or shoes online because it's hard to tell how small/large the items actually are. Anyway I also bought a two piece set! I'm really happy with these purchases and I can't wait to style my them!