OOTD: White & Yellow

Posted on Apr 18, 2015

Hey everyone! I took these photos in the morning before school behind an abandoned automobile shop. Today I'm going to the lake with some friends and Alex and I hope the weather holds up.  It'll be nice to relax before I have to start studying for finals. As for this outfit, I didn't know which shorts to put on because I wanted some other color/pattern but I like how this almost-monochrome look came out :).

Top | H&M
Kimono | Boohoo
High Waist Shorts | Thrifted
Necklace | Forever 21
Sandals | Kohl's

OOTD: Sunday Strolls

Posted on Apr 14, 2015

Hey girls! Sunday morning I walked around the park near my apartment. I run here, I take photos here and when mom or Alex visits, I take Daisy here. I've also been loving orange/salmon lately. Like... overload lol. Whenever I'm picking out clothes I catch myself putting together outfits with those colors again. Then I think "wow I shouldn't blog I'm so uncreative" lol.
Speaking of visits, Alex is coming up. Since I missed his birthday on the 2nd, I'm making him a huge dinner. But I burned my hand about 3 times already. I've never cooked ribs before haha. Woo only two more weeks! I feel like I say this in every post now but I'm so excited for the summer I can't wait!

Floral Dress | Plato's Closet - Oneill
Brown Flats | Forever21
Bag | Kohl's
Necklace | Boohoo

OOTD: In Vintage

Posted on Apr 10, 2015

Hey everyone! 3 more days until Game of Thrones! This week was fun. I started running again and  I took some photos with a couple of my friends. I'll be posting it soon and some photos are already on Instagram: @LittleOlivee! Other than that, this weekend is the last weekend I have to relax. The next two weeks are all for exams!
So I realize this outfit is considered to be a fall outfit, more specifically, a color blocking fall outfit. I love this relaxed look for school for spring mornings though. In an attempt to look less Halloween-y, I wore a mustard cardigan instead of the white one I was initially going to wear. I also started to binge watch Mad Men and every weekend I take a few boxes home so I can slowly before the summer! Woo counting down :).

Rust Long Sleeve | Forever 21 
Mustard Cardigan | H&M
Black Pants | Boohoo
Necklace | Boohoo
Black Boots | Forever 21

OOTD: Blue & Black

Posted on Apr 6, 2015

Hey how was your easter everyone? I spent it with my mom and Daisy and took her out to lunch. Woooooo next week Game of Thrones comes out...and three more weeks left of this semester! I can't wait until the 30th :)

Black Long Sleeve | Forever 21
Blue Patterend Pants | H&M
Black Boots | Ross

Buys: Boohoo Haul & Snapmade

Posted on Apr 4, 2015

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted a haul. Recently I bought some clothes online from Boohoo and was fortunate enough to receive some cute little products from Snapmade!  I was in dire need of some makeup bags and I was so happy to receive this opportunity. They offer personalized gifts too like pillows and mugs but I chose the custom makeup bags. I had the option of adding my own design but I like the patterns that they had. I hadddd to buy a custom mirror too. I haven't had a handheld mirror in so long. I know everyone uses their phones to check what the hell they look like but I always feel so awkward doing that. Idk I'm old school... Anywhoo I also bought a bookmark and flower crowns for about $2 each. Woo I love shopping! Haha I had to have it all shipped home because my apartment complex opens packages -___-. But that a completely different story. Can't wait to style that red boxy top! xx

Bags & Mirror | Snapmade
Sunglasses | Polette
Flower Crowns | eBay
Black Sweater & Gray Cardigan | Oasap
Other Clothes | Boohoo

OOTD: Simply Red

Posted on Apr 3, 2015

 Hey everyone. I've been loving this skirt and I'm so ready for this semester to be over. Only 3 more weeks! Hopefully I'll be heading to Miami Fashion Week May 27th and I have an accounting internship starting in June! Wish me luck :)

Gray Sweater |  Ross
Red Skirt | Oasap
Statement Earrings |  Mom's Closet
Black Cutout Boots | Ross