OOTD: Selfie Stick!

Posted on Apr 28, 2016

A simple white cropped T and thrifted jeans. In my review post about Selfie Sticks, I really liked my outfit so I decided to do a quick outfit post in celebration of the concluded semester. The summer is finally here and exams are over! I can't wait to post some summer outfits. My favorite season :). 

White Crop Top | DealSale
Jeans | Goodwill
Silver Necklace | Forever 21
Brown Bag | Cato
Black Boots| Kohl's
Selfie Stick | Amazon

OOTD: Vintage Feels

Posted on Apr 26, 2016

This outfit is from my last post when I visited my family in Georgia. There's such a difference between vintage jeans and store bought jeans. The feel of them is so much more flexible and they're almost fit like leggings. I'm wearing this top again and another kimono but I kept this outfit pretty simple for the fall weather. Black jeans and black boots :).
I'm happy to announce that I only have one more exam left on Thursday and I have the entire month of May off yay! Tonight I'm letting myself rest and tomorrow starts another day of studying. Some good news; I found a summer job as a camp counselor and I'll be away every week until August. This is the type of job I've been looking for, something with meaning that's helpful to children! Retail gets old after awhile but it's a means to an end lol. Helps me pay those housing bills. 

Mustard Top | Amazon
Abstract Kimono | Kohl's
Black Jeans | Goodwill
Brown Bag | Cato
Black Booties | Kohl's
Black Sunglasses | Amazon

Self: Family Dinner in GA

Posted on Apr 25, 2016

" Dinner is better when you eat together."

In truth, these photos were taken during Thanksgiving but I had to give a shout out to those delicious family dinners. It's so refreshing to visit your own blood when you're old enough to travel without the mums, although she did catch up with us later of course. It's not needed, but it's definitely always wonderful to see people you love.  I haven't seen my cousins in ages and I was in need of some Bajan lovin'. This actually happened on a whim too. I was planning my Thanksgiving with Alex when I was contacted by my big uncle Leroy. He invited me to visit  in Georgia. My cousins Everett and Anthony took me to Atlanta and basically treated me like a five year old the whole time. 
Haha I learned a few recipes from my aunt Tracey and watched the Wiz (the older version) and a couple of Bruce Lee movies. Yumm, I also went with my aunt to look at all the organic spices she uses photographed above and took a few of my own :3. I ended up staying an extra day to receive some "grown up" advice without the presence of my mother and I don't know, some visits you'll always remember more than most. Love to you family! 

OOTD: ZigZag

Posted on Apr 23, 2016

There's nothing better than a cozy sweater. There's such a comfort snd confidence to it and I'll always been a hugeeee fan. Since this cardigan is a statement in itself, I decided the classic "white T and jeans" silhouette would go perfectly. Final exams are around the corner and the coziness of this sweater is oh so appreciated. I like to wrap it around me in those cold classrooms. I especially love this pattern and the color scheme of this outfit. I can't wait to pair it with something more fit for the summer. 

White Crop Top  | DealSale
High Waist Jeans | Cato's
Patterned Oversized Cardigan | Forever 21
Black Heels | Cato's
Black Fringe Bag | Cato's

OOTD: Dark Suns

Posted on Apr 21, 2016

I'm wearing all black in this Florida heat today. Though, to offset the feeling of nakedness... I threw on this oversized knit sweater I found in Goodwill a few years back and my go-to black boots. I picked up this halter top a size too big because I tend to like halter tops versus halter crop tops and if you've followed my blog/instagram, you've seen these shorts before. I'm a huge fan of the the tassels in this top as well.
I recently picked up the DVD of Daria, season 1 and was pretty much inspired by dark sense of humor. I binge watched it with my girlfriends and was quickly hit with nostalgia. I also remembered how hilariously dry the show was. She literally has no shame and her friend Jane is such a babe.  Not to mention her famous monotone complaints. I'll admit, Daria is me/I'm Daria on a moody day. La la laaa la la la.

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Halter Top | Dresslink
Black Shorts | Forever 21
Black Heels | Kohl's (old)
Black Fringe Bag | Cato
Crochet Beige Cardigan | Goodwill

Self: Blog Hiatus & Body Tattoos: Back to Basics

Posted on Apr 19, 2016

Hey hey, I'm back from the longest blogging hiatus ever. I had to seriously consider how important blogging was to me and if I really wanted to continue with this fun ass hobby. I had to figure out how important fashion even was too. Also, in all honesty, I had to get my shit together and figure out the next steps towards my future before returning. But before I even took blogging into consideration, I had to go "back to the basics of blogging" and figure out why I started out in the first place. 
For fun!
With fashion bloggers being on the rise, it seemed as if everyone started to enjoy this hobby as much as I did. I've seen local expos and family members take up the trade and love it as much as I did. Although, it took the joy out of it for a brief period. It seemed competitive, and I didn't want to compete... but I believe I brought that upon myself. I missed the support of the local fashion bloggers and online bloggers I started blogging with back in 2009. After going to uniformed schools all my life, I missed how fun it was to mix and match outfits and how carefree I felt when I stepped out of my comfort zone. 
I took a step back, way back, focused on myself and figured out what truly mattered to me. I love clothes, I love blogging but I'm passionate about other things as well. I had to remember that. I almost made blogging and social media the center of my world but things change. You grow, you learn, you get older. Blogging has given me a creative outlet that I was lucky to find at 15 (or 16 I can't even recall) years old. Now at 22, I still can't seem to kick it out of my mind even though I thought I was supposed to in order to mature. 
So with that being said, I have to give a special thanks to the girlies out there who have been following this tiny blog since day one. A thanks to the bloggers who blog for the sake of creativity and joy. You've given me such a positive perspective and I love ya for it <3. 

Black Top | DealSale | Item #: SV022908
Black Skirt | Oasap
Gold Necklace | Romwe
Flash Tattoos | Lucluc