OOTD: Black and White

Posted on Apr 30, 2012

(top: Tj Maxx, shorts: Hollister, sandals: mom's, sunnies: thrift store, necklace: ??)

Patches made her way into the photo and I'm in yet another crop top. Since this is such a simple outfit, I wore this statement necklace with one of my favorite pair of earrings to go with. And of course I'm wearing my favorite worn out sandals and some sunnies since it was pretty hot outside.

Sometimes just a simple outfit will do with me, especially on the weekends. I'm glad I found a simple black top to wear too. It's thick and I love the minor detail. And do you guys like the new background? I don't really like it that much :), but this was the best place for shade.

Anyway hope you guys are having a good day and I can't wait for my interview!

OOTD: What We Have in Common

Posted on Apr 26, 2012

(top: Tj Maxx, shorts: Hollister, flats: Ebay)
 So I wanted to put some wear into this outfit as soon as possible so I paired it with  simple white shorts. Then to add some color I wore mustard flats!

Today was pretty fun and I just realized how long my hair is getting hurray! Today is also my mom's birthday and we're going to go see the Lion King on Broadway today in Orlando. I'm so excited and also tired! I won't get back until around 11pm and I'll still have homework to do. So I'll be drinking some coffee soon while picking out what to wear. :)

Also, check out where I was featured on the Unique Bloggers. Check it out :). Much love. 

Buys: Mini OOTD & Thrifty Finds

Posted on Apr 23, 2012

So all of the clothing besides the blue floral top was a random gift from Alex's sister, ya know, basic hand-me-down stuff. Since I haven't really been shopping I was pretty excited for it! There's a slouchy gray tops with slits down the side, a navy blue cardigan, blue jeans that I cut into shorts and a crop pink sweater! I bought the floral top from Tj Maxx and I love the leopard on the back. The chiffon fabric is ridiculously comfortable. Can't wait to wear it!

 (top: gift from Ross, shorts: F21, necklace: Target, earrings: idr)


Posted on Apr 21, 2012

(top: Ross, shorts: Forever 21, belt: Goodwill, button up: Express)

I wore this to Alex's birthday dinner earlier this month. I love these shorts, they're so comfortable! Not only that but I decided to wear this button up as a cardigan.

Today should be fun. I'm going shopping for my graduating dress and shoes and some new bras and jeans! But before all that I'm going to do some homework and clean my room. Love to you guys! Hope your weekend starts off great :).

OOTD: Beholder

Posted on Apr 18, 2012

 (top: Ross, shorts: Tj Maxx, earrings: Kohl's, shoes: thrifted)

So today was kind of uneventful during school with all the FCAT testing their doing for freshmen and sophomores. The rest of us have nothing to do in our 15 minute classes. So we sit, watch movies, talk and off to our next class! So instead of hanging out with Alex like I planned, I came home to get some projects out of the way that are due ages from now...actually only 4-5weeks which means the end of the school year is near!

Soo this is one of those outfits where I just feel really pretty in. The lace shorts and the chiffon shirt with cute studs all makes the outfit so delicate. I love this outfit, hope you guys do too! Much love.

OOTD: Acid Jeans

Posted on Apr 16, 2012

 (top: Goodwill, jeans: Forever 21, headband: Forever 21, necklace: Forever 21)

Today was pretty relaxing. My mom is finally coming back from her to trip to Maryland and I went to Alex's to swim in the pool and watched Antz. Then I came home and did a little reading and picked out some outfits. 

I've gotta say, I love these pants! Since it was my first time wearing them I put together a plain beige top with a feather turban and a jaguar necklace. Of course I added the overly worn hoops and sandals...which I need to get a new pair of. And lately I've been feeling a bit uninspired when it comes to outfits. I'm stuck on shorts and pants and I can't bring myself to pick up a skirt anymore! Must just be a phase. 

OOTD: Happy Easter!

Posted on Apr 8, 2012

(top: gift, shorts: Forever 21, ring: Charlotte Russe, shoes: Make Me Chic)

So since today is Easter, I thought it was appropriate to wear floral print from head to toe. I would've taken more photos but family is down! My little 12 year old cousin Darius and his mom Rhonda. We are about to go see the long awaited film Hunger Games! Then going out to lunch. 

This morning I woke up to go downtown to the next city over and film a fake commercial for my Econ class and that was pretty fun. It was so cheesy and 'Appliance Direct' like, if you haven't seen the commercials. Hopefully we'll get an A on the project.

Have a Happy Easter babes! <3

OOTD: New Beginnings

Posted on Apr 6, 2012

 (top: Rue 21, shorts: Goodwill, necklace: gift, flats: Ebay)

I'm officially a college student and I'm taking two classes this summer to get things going. I wore this to go enroll and get my I.D. and parking ticket and all that. I wore a cardigan as well but I took it off because of the hot sun. All I can say is that I'm so excited and I can't wait to start! Haha also, I made the mistake of calling a man professor when he was actually a student...

Well this weekend should be fun and I hope you guys have a good Easter!

OOTD: Oversized Top

Posted on Apr 2, 2012

(over-sized top: Goodwill, skirt: thrifted, necklace: Target, earrings: old)

I love this top and this color is so easy to add a pattern to, especially with the colors I love.  I kind of just threw this outfit on because I was headed to Alex's house to swim and this color suits almost every floral bottom I have. Anyway, mom wants to take photos with me before graduation to send them out. 

Has anybody else notices how I always wear these earrings? Gotta love big hoops :)