Self: My Bag

Posted on Aug 10, 2015

Here's my 'What's in my bag' post as promised! A big thank you to my family friend Mrs. Janice for gifting me this rug too. I forgot to add my mints and a pen but this is definitely the usual when it comes to what I carry. Sometimes I carry sunglasses too :).

1. Wallet |
Honestly, I don't use this wallet anymore but the one I'm using now is even older lol. It's just a regular black card holder until I find a wallet that holds everything. Well! It's where I keep my $$ and gift cards.

2. Phone |
An HTC and an aztec case from eBay

3. Body Spray |
Twilight Woods - Bath and Body Works

4. Lotion |
Fiji - Bath and Body Works

5. Hand Sanitizer |
Grape - Bath and Body Works

6. Card Holder |
This was a gift from a family friend two Christmas's ago

7. Mirror |
That I use discreetly...

8. Lip Love |
Chapstick  - Burt's Bees - Loreal Lipstick

9. Small Notebook |
 To jot down art ideas, blog posts and journal entries