OOTD: Normal

Posted on Aug 8, 2015

I love Forever 21. I'm always buying their clothes online. Today I unintentionally dressed head to toe in Forever 21 and fall colors on the way out to shop.  Perfect shoes for walking around and perfect skirt (w/ shorts) for trying on clothes. It's always fun adding prints to a graphic top and whenever I go out I always make sure I push myself to dress up, especially after having some bad vibes thrown at me the previous day. But hey, I'm all about self love and not worrying about the small things. That's something I figured out just as I turned 21. I haven't mastered it yet of course but I'm not as hard on myself as I used to be and it's gotten a lot easier :).  It feels guuuuuuud to come out of my shell seemingly for the second time <3.
Tomorrow I'm thinking of posting your classic 'what's in your bag' post. I think it's been at least a year and it's time to add more variety to this blog again. Also, I can't wait to feature my new rug! xx

Tank Top | Forever 21
Polka Skirt | Forever 21
Cardigan | Forever 21
Gold Leaf Necklace | Forever 21
Brown Bag | Ross
Red Flats | Forever 21
  1. I love the colour of that cardigan, mustard tones are always lovely for autumn/winter!
    Mantenso xx

    1. Thank you!
      Mustard tones have become a favorite :)

  2. Love the outfit, and Forever 21 for you is like H/M for me, I sometimes find myself wearing it from head to toe as if I were sponsering them lol

  3. Nice look:) xx

  4. That outfit is so pretty! Love the cardigan!! :)

  5. I need a cardigan like that for fall =)