Buys: Forever 21 Haul

Posted on Nov 18, 2014

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Hey everyone! Usually when I pick up packages from the office, I do it on my way home. This time I walked to the office and carried this huge box to my apartment to find that the box was already opened :O. No harm done since nothing was missing but maybe I'll send my packages home from now on. I'm mostly excited to show you my shoes! What to wearrr with my white boots hmm... And finally a superhero top! All the crop tops I bought are a large by the way so they wouldn't be too tiny.

  1. Great haul! Great ensemble choices! :)

  2. :O I'm glad nothing was missing that would have been annoying. Great haul! I like your crop tops and boots :)

  3. Beautiful clothes and boots:) xx

  4. Great haul! The coin necklace is gorgeous! :)

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