Wishlist: Cookbook

Posted on Nov 4, 2014

Bottom: | Sweater | Vintage Pants |

Hey girlies! Today I'm featuring a wishlist from  Lookbook Store! I first saw them on Instagram and then I instantly fell in love. I'm mainly loving their slouchy pieces and statement jewelry right now. They always have an abundance of neutral colors and fashionable basics. These are some of my favorites from their Fall Collection!
And.....every time I go thrifting, I never find perfect vintage pants like this pair, especially high-waisted. Such a cozy collection and they give you 5% off all orders with the code leah5.
What do you guys think?
What's your favorite piece? :)
  1. adore your wishlist!!


  2. Reading this is going to be very expensive ;) Looks like we have the same taste, really like the black sweater. That's my favorite. I hope you have a nice day :)