Posted on Jan 4, 2012

 top: TJ Maxx, jeggings: TJ Maxx, necklace: ??, jacket: hand me down, earrings: Forever 21

So today was pretty chilly (around 30 degrees) and it was the first day back to school. I don't know why the week started off on a Wednesday but I don't mind! After school I exchanged gifts with my friend Brianna and she gave me a dream catcher and a ring :). Then I bought some hair products since my hair seems to suck up every little moisture. It was a pretty fun day but I can't wait until I see The Devil Inside this Friday. So scary looking!
I love these leather pants even though there is some saggage :(. I wanted to wear this super super comfortable top with it and pair it with a nice necklace. I felt kind of comfortable today and I actually feel a little better about going to school. I always get a little pit of loneliness every time there's some sort of break because I live 30 minutes away from everyone! But no worries, I pick myself up quite easily  :). Ahh I feel so risky being personal on here! Hope you guys like the outfit!
  1. I love this post and your look so pretty, the leather leggings are so chic on you and I really like how you paired it with that jacket..I don't see any saggage. Amazing pics and I really like the accesories.

    Following you now,
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  2. Love this outfit, the leather trousers are perfect :)

  3. Olivia I must confess you look pretty baddass with this look. This is the first time you've shown us your punk/rocker side and it looks awesome.

    It really suits you. Its awesome to see you experiment with other styles.

    Much love and congrats!


  4. Love your brown jacket,the leggings and your jewellery!

  5. That's a gorgeous necklace! Love this outfit too :)

    The Other Side of Gray