Blogger Inspiration: Sara

Posted on Jan 15, 2012

You can find Sara HERE

Just testing out my collaging skillsssss. Well these are all of my favorite outfits from her over three years. I have this folder on my computer that's called Inspiration and I save all the little cute outfits that I find on the web and I realized that I have a ton of outfits saved from her. Anywhooo I love how she puts comfortable clothing together with a turban or jewelry. All of her shoes are great too! She's pretty much my clothing inspiration.

I feel like going to high school was my excuse to dress up and wear really busy outfits. But since my whole goal is to fill up my closet with mostly basics and some prints and heels, I feel like a part of me is growing out of it. It was more of a project before than an actual interest to be in style. I hope that makes sense. :). 
  1. Just checked out her blog, she has wins style


  2. i love all her hats!
    & nice collaging skills , haha
    mantenso xx

  3. Don't blame you for having these outfits for inspiration, they look amazing! xx

  4. Love posts like these, her style is amazing! xx

  5. oehh she looks beautifull thanks for the tip!

    New outfitpost - Colors in the mix

  6. Wow thats a lot of photos lol.

    Nice though