Buys: Adore Me - Inspiration

Posted on May 7, 2016

Of course summer is here in Florida! With summer comes summer styling and summer heat. More shorts, dresses and in general, showing more skin. But sometimes showing more skin is nerve racking, especially if you've been inconsistent your gym/work out routine like me.  So what makes me feel better and sexy in the summer? Patterned bikinis, cool colors and light lingerie. I'm sure you lovely ladies have heard about Adore Me from Instagram or their commercials and I found inspiration through many of their styles. They have the cutest styles and whenever I wear lingerie underneath the simplest of outfits, I feel more confident. I feel comfortable. Cool blues, whites and floral prints are just some of the things I love browsing through at Adore Me
  1. Nice,i like it!

  2. Love this selection dear!!! The lace is who chic and the swimsuit very cool!


    Aurelie |