My Closet: Love For Bags - A Bag for Each Occasion

Posted on May 11, 2016

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The Backpack:
These bags are totally essential for school and for weekend outings depending on where you're going. Concerts, beach weekends, trail walkings and classrooms is what I usually wear them to.  Perfect for organizing your the contents of your bag. 

The Purse:
For everyday use! They're my go-to bags and I'm always looking for different styles to match each outfit.  

The Oversized Bag:
I mostly use these bags for whenever I sleep away from home and sometimes for the beach. They're big, they're convenient and they're totally roomy. 

The Cross-body:
Perfect for going out! I love wearing cross-body purses when I go shopping or when I go out. For me, it's mostly worn for when I don't feel like carrying around too many things.  The essentials like my wallet, sunglasses, chopstick and phone go into this bag.

What type of bag do you wear the most? <3