Self: Blog Hiatus & Body Tattoos: Back to Basics

Posted on Apr 19, 2016

Hey hey, I'm back from the longest blogging hiatus ever. I had to seriously consider how important blogging was to me and if I really wanted to continue with this fun ass hobby. I had to figure out how important fashion even was too. Also, in all honesty, I had to get my shit together and figure out the next steps towards my future before returning. But before I even took blogging into consideration, I had to go "back to the basics of blogging" and figure out why I started out in the first place. 
For fun!
With fashion bloggers being on the rise, it seemed as if everyone started to enjoy this hobby as much as I did. I've seen local expos and family members take up the trade and love it as much as I did. Although, it took the joy out of it for a brief period. It seemed competitive, and I didn't want to compete... but I believe I brought that upon myself. I missed the support of the local fashion bloggers and online bloggers I started blogging with back in 2009. After going to uniformed schools all my life, I missed how fun it was to mix and match outfits and how carefree I felt when I stepped out of my comfort zone. 
I took a step back, way back, focused on myself and figured out what truly mattered to me. I love clothes, I love blogging but I'm passionate about other things as well. I had to remember that. I almost made blogging and social media the center of my world but things change. You grow, you learn, you get older. Blogging has given me a creative outlet that I was lucky to find at 15 (or 16 I can't even recall) years old. Now at 22, I still can't seem to kick it out of my mind even though I thought I was supposed to in order to mature. 
So with that being said, I have to give a special thanks to the girlies out there who have been following this tiny blog since day one. A thanks to the bloggers who blog for the sake of creativity and joy. You've given me such a positive perspective and I love ya for it <3. 

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  1. I love this post, I know what you mean, I've been blogging for so long, but so inconsistently because I always have doubts about why I'm blogging! Like you said though its something I just haven't been able to shake an always seem to go back to blogging!
    Love that cropped off the shoulder top too!

    1. Aw, I really appreciate this comment girl! <3

  2. lovely outfit!

  3. It's good to have you back, it's true that with so many people blogging right now it could feel like a competition and can be a bit challenging, but as long as you know why you do it, it doesn't matter how many people do it, you do it for you!
    DeeVine Anonyme