Blogger Inspiration: Adelle

Posted on Feb 14, 2012

You can find Adelle HERE

This is Adelle Veronica; I love how girly all of her outfits are and she always adds some kind of color. She put all of her outfits together so effortlessly and I think she does the perfect job of being girly, cute and casual. She inspires me to wear prints in different ways and to definitely try harder. This is another lookbooker that I've been following for a couple years. :)

Happy Valentine's Day guys! More to come on my next post <3.
  1. I agree she's pretty and have very nice outfits!!

  2. she is way adorable! thanks for the introduction <3 and happy valentines day, darling!!

    xx jamie

  3. She has great style, I'll definetely check out her blog.