Self: In My Bag

Posted on Jun 8, 2012

1.Sunglasses: These are essential when living in Florida. The sun is always blazing!
2. Chap Stick/ Lip Gloss/ Lipstick: I always have chapstick on me and if I'm going out, I usually apply a bit of lipgloss or nude lipstick just for some added color
3. Book: A good book always comes in handy <3
4. Cell Phone: I can't be without my phone! I'm constantly checking for emails, texts, calls!
5. Scrunchie/ Hair Pins: For when it's super humid outside or rainy, or for when I don't want to deal with my hair. The added pins helps flyaways
6. Mints: Gotta love keeping your breath fresh!
7. Hand Sanitizer: I don't really use it that much because I'm such a freak about washing my hands but there are days when they just feel extra gross.
8. Lotion: To add some moisture back into my hands.
9. Wallet: -
10. Ipod: Whenever I study or want to be alone,  I use it.
11. Perfume: Last but not least, an added spritz always feels nice :).

What's in your bag?

P.S.: I can't wait to see the Hobbit in theaters! And have you guys seen Snow White and the Huntsman?
Have a great day!

  1. Wow, your bag is SO neat. I recently did one of these posts, however I found so much unnecessary stuff in my bag xx

  2. I'm really impressed with your packing skills! I would never be able to fit all that stuff in one bag :P but then again, I'm terribly messy when it comes to stuff like that....

  3. My bag is such a mess compared to yours haha. But I pretty much keep the same things in my bag as you do!

  4. just saw snow white on wednesday. definitely a little scary and all in british accents. There's tons of action and a some romance too.Its a 4.5 out of 5 for me. Awesome Movie!

  5. The items you have in your bag are very simple and minimal. My bag is a bit more packed with stuff!! :)

  6. in my bag? lol
    i rarelly care bags but when i take inside it is my mobile fone, wallet and sometimes lipgloss and perfume. that's all ^^

  7. Haha when I saw your 4 lip products it reminded me of my own bag. I always end up with like 3 or 4 different lip products in my bag for some reason!

    The Lovely Memoir

  8. I just take cellphone, keys and wallet :P

  9. I love a good what's in my bag post. So fun!

  10. Your bag is so organized compared to mine! I just throw so much stuff in! I always love seeing what fashion bloggers have their bags.