Buys: Eighteen - Today's the Day!

Posted on Mar 5, 2012

Bandeau Thrifted
Gifts: Forever 21
From Alex!
I'm just oh so happy. The day has come :). It doesn't really feel any different turning 18, except for the fact that I can buy a lotto ticket. Mom came into my room today and said "Today's the last day you'll be able commit a crime and I have to go to jail for it". Haha I love her. Well here are a few gifts and things that I bought. :)

 There are a couple of more things like my SLR camera (which I will tamper with as soon as it charges) some more hangers from Alex, clothes ordered from Forever 21 from mom and an iPod player for my truck from Alex! I'm so happy about all of the gifts! They were all so thoughtful :). Especially this sugar scrub. Oh gosh it's to die for. You smell just like candy and it leaves your skin so moisturized and soft. And I've always had an obsession with Burt's Bees, I love their soap and they're chap stick. He always buys me little kits and if I like them he'll buy me a huge case of it. I'm excited to use my camera and the iPod player in my truck!

Thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes! Much love :)
  1. Those are all lovely items :D I was waiting for you to POST something so I could wish you a big HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY and many many more to come
    <3<3<3<3<3! :)

  2. Such lovely gifts!!! Happy birthday beautiful!! I wish you all the best, and to continue to inspire us!
    Much love!!

  3. Happy birthday Olivia! Great presents! I hope you had a great day!


  4. happy birthday Olivia! youre so adorable and youve always been so nice to me! i wish you all the love and happiness! i'm digging your new stuff, girl!

    love, james

  5. Love what you've bought!
    Happy bday :)


  6. Happy belated birthday babe. XOXO

  7. love the calvin klein shorts! gota find a pair like that for myself! :)

    <3 rae

  8. Happy happy happy birthday to you!
    Looks like you got some lovely gifts. Hope you had an amazing day.


  9. Love all your thrifted finds! Those scarves are paisley perfection...great steals!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  10. ohohoho! HAPPY BIRTHDAY you lucky lady! welcome to the 18 years old crew lool! Hope you had a lovely dayyy & enjoy your prezziess!xoxo

  11. happy birthday!

    enjoy your youth and your special day ;)

    cindy || design3rd

  12. happy birthday!
    Hope you had a great day!your gifts are awesome!
    i am born in march as well.:)
    cheers to us!Mazel tov!x

  13. Happy belated birthday gorgeous!! Hope you had a great day and oh these are very nice gifts :)

  14. Great gifts!! Happy belated birthday :D

  15. Happy belated birthday!! Sorry i couldnt say it earlier! I havent been on blogger in forever! Hope you had a fantastic birthday xx

  16. happy belated birthday Olivia!..hope u had fun..x

  17. Happy 18th! Belated as the wishes maybe... The ability to buy a lotto ticket (and be able to claim winnings) was also the highlight of my 18th...

    Love from Jo'burg