Self: Loungewear & Home Workspace

Posted on Jun 1, 2016

Hey! Today I'm featuring loungewear and what I usually have on my desk! I was contacted by WeWork and Banggood to post about my home workspace :). It's important to surround yourself with positive vibes and colors that make you happy for continued inspiration. For me, it's kind of an eclectic mix of prints, patterns and soft colors. I use like four planners, two notebooks, sticky notes to pin on my desk and laptop and a ton of pens and highlighters to keep things colorful and for reminders. I usually start off my mornings with a cup of tea and email answering. Then during my down time I relax, read or watch television on stolen pillows from my home. At WeWork, they offer tons of discounts and benefits for freelance workers and have several shared office spaces. So fellow bloggers, if you're looking for a place to creatively startup a business or just another place to continue your work by networking, WeWork might be for you. What makes you feel the most relaxed when you work/during your mornings?
Maera Loungewear | Adore Me
Laptop Case | Banggood
Waterproof Keyboard Cover | Banggood
Boho Laptop Sleeve | Banggood
LED Fairy Lights | Banggood

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