OOTD: Polka & White

Posted on Oct 11, 2014

| Top - Thrifted | Skirt - Oasap | Earrings - Kohl's | Sandals - Kohl's |

Hey girls! Lately I've been sick with the flu and I lost my voice ahh. I've never had the flu before and it's horrible! It's been spreading around campus and I honestly thought it would bypass me but...lol. So yeah, update!! I've been going to class, hanging out with my friend Mishelle, playing Tomb Raider and actually going out :3....like I'm not used to having a life haha. I've kind of been focused on having a social life but suffering at home for four days reinforced what's really important if that makes any sense. Going out is fun! But there was one week where we went overboard and went out Wednesday through Sunday and that just won't do lol.
Also, I've been dying with this back up phone and without a full length mirror! How can I take proper phone photos of all the events and outfits I've been to?? I'm so behind technologically lol. I'll have to wait until Christmas break to buy another.
Well this is the spot I'll be taking photos in for awhile. It's 5 minutes away from my apartment and it's pretty secluded which I love! I took these photos a couple of weeks ago and now I have some posts in queue hurray! So today I'm at home again with the flu and I intend on finishing some homework so I can hurry up and beat Tomb Raider....and then maybe I'll play the Sims. :)
  1. I can't say I had the flu but I had a pretty severe cold. My throat was all sorts of jacked up and I endured a fever for two days! I swear whatever illness is going around campus is RUTHLESS! I'm so glad you're having fun in college!!

    Thy Bliss Calls

  2. i love your sandals

  3. Cute outfit! I hope you get better soon x

  4. Nice easy breezy outfit. Get well soon girl, its nice to hear your enjoying your uni experience.

    Princess Audu

  5. Pretty white outfit Olivia ! It's been a big while since I came on your blog !! Actually I was working on a new blog!! www.thepeppymay.com have a look ;)

  6. very pretty outfit!!

  7. perfect lighting
    you're just hella naturally cute

  8. Love this, you look do cute