Back to Basics: TJ Maxx

Posted on Dec 31, 2011

 I've recently become obsessed with TJ Maxx. I went shopping with my boyfriend and I only bought the beige jeans (yay I'm so excited about those!!). They were too small which I knew they were going to be because they're a size 3 and I'm a size 5...sooo I took them back with my cousin Anne and couldn't resist. I bought all of these basics ha. I was surprised by the leopard romper. I thought it was a cute top at first! And leather jeans!! Ahh I'm so glad I have them! I bought the gray jacket to wear underneath any jacket I have and the cotton top is pretty much a jumper. I can't wait to wear everything! Have a Happy New Years guys, I look forward to your posts :).

The Leopard Vest

Posted on Dec 30, 2011

 top: Goodwill, vest: Goodwill, jacket: Rue21, jeans: ??, earrings: Forever 21, rings: Beall's

So I've been wanting to wear a bit of leopard so when I went out to return some jeans back to TJ Maxx I wore this. It was actually cold until around 12! Anyway it was such a comfortable outfit and I love the wool top that I got from Goodwill around a year ago. I wanted to wear my vest with just a top but I didn't really pick out anything that I thought it would match with and it eventually was forgotten about. Also! I love wearing color and the outfit felt a little too bland without this vest. I hope you guys like this post!


Posted on Dec 28, 2011

top: Goodwill, shorts: Goodwill: necklace: Rue 21, belt: Goodwill

I don't know why the shirt looks so bright!...So this is my first time wearing a collared shirt closed all the way with a cute necklace that goes around it. I don't know, I always thought it looked great on other people but on me it looked kind of silly...I like the softness of this shirt though! It's of great quality, it's a cute basic find. Speaking of basics I need to buy some! I'm so racked up with prints and florals that I forgot about the few basics that a girl needs. Anyway I hope you guys like this post!
By the way, I'm so obsessed with posting now. I love looking at other blogs and at how other people dress...obsessive hobby. :) 

Christmas Day

Posted on Dec 27, 2011

It's a bit of a quick post but I still have family down! Christmas was so fun this year! First my family came down from New Jersey and we all ate the best macaroni and cheese ever (I love cheese). Then my boyfriend came over for about two hours and we exchanged gifts. This is our third Christmas together yay. Anywhoo what annoyed me this year was that people were complaining about what they didn't get. Relax...just enjoy it and what you didn't get will probably eventually come! Ha random rant. Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas day :).
About the outfit: Soooo I bought this dress for $6 at Ross...I think that's pretty awesome. And I'm obsessed with jewelry in general so anytime I get the chance to dress up and wear nice earrings, I will :)
P.S. I think I'm going to start doing my hair like this more often.

Go-To // Disappointing Eve

Posted on Dec 24, 2011

top: a hand me down, shorts: Goodwill, flats: Cotton On

This is a typical go-to outfit for me. I always rush to high waist shorts and a t-shirt whenever I have to do errands or something. So I took some quick photos on the way out to Publix to buy some fruit and chocolate chips for the desserts I'm going to make. I can't wait! Fruit pizza makes me feel like I'm eating a healthy dessert :). Then I got my eyebrows done before the family comes down... It turns out that they probably won't even be coming down and it'll just be me and mom. :(. Makes me kind of sad but I'll make the best of it! you notice the clothes on the side and behind me? I pick out outfits like that because I think I have I literally have 5-7 different outfits picked out and they're all winter outfits...c'mon Florida, bring me some cold weather! Hope you guys have a great Christmas Eve!
P.S: Does anybody know a good regimen for hurt calves? They hurt really bad every time I run :/


Posted on Dec 23, 2011

top: Charlotte Russe, shorts: Forever 21, bag: Goodwill, earrings: Rue 21 has been annoying me lately. Like I upload so many photos up there to get the whole circled edge look on my photos but I'm not sure if I'm going to use it alot anymore because it freezes. Anyway I just finished Christmas shopping for everyone and I've decided I'll make chocolate chip cookies and fruit pizza this year. Since my family is coming in after Christmas instead of before (which sucks) I'll make the fruit pizza a little bit later since they seems to love it. Ahh gifts coming soon I can't wait! I hope it'll be cold tomorrow though... So basically I shopped today in my 80 degree outfit haha. Hope you guys enjoyed the randomness of this post! I thought I'd try something odd in the last photo :)  Happy Holidays loves <3


Posted on Dec 22, 2011

(boots from Rue 21, tights from Kohl's, shorts from Forever 21, top from Ross, bow from Goodwill,  reindeer ring from Target, other ring from Forever 21, and necklace from Bealls. )

Finally done with exams and school for awhile but now I have to focus on college apps and scholarships. But anyway, this is a photo from the 15th of December. I had to rush home and come back to school in no less than 40 minutes. But on the way I took photos. I love the simplicity of this outfit and especially the tights. Today I'm going to clean my room, then jog later today with my boyfriend...and probably shop.

Outfit note: I just couldn't go without a bit of color so I wore a bow.

Happy Holidays

Posted on Dec 21, 2011

2. Animal Print Wedges 3. Tiger Print Wedges 4. Feather Top 5. Rhinestone Ring 6. Goddess Ring 7. Whistle Necklace 8. Patterned Skinnies 9. Lace up ankle skinnies

During the holidays, all I've done is run a mile a day, shop for Christmas presents, work, eat, sleep and blog. I can't wait until Christmas though! All the family, gifts and food yum! Anyway, here's my Christmas list....yes it's a bit extensive :). Everything is from Forever 21 besides the DSLR Camera 14x camera. Happy Holidays!

Draw Me Nancy!

Posted on Dec 20, 2011

So today my entry to lookbook was for the Draw Me Nancy Contest on lookbook. It's a chance to be drawn beautifully by her and to have that photo in her book. I went with the print and patterns look so wish me luck!

And here's Patches :)
(Top from Ross, shorts from Goodwill, both rings from Forever 21)

A Bit of Everything

Posted on Dec 18, 2011

Today I wanted to pair something with my new beanie with something casual. It's a little odd when my hair isn't big or showing so I overcompensated with accessories :). I spent the day with my boyfriend and his family and he helped me take pictures today. Oh and I'm in LOVE with these leaf earrings. Perfect color of gold <3.

Hehe, look at his little shoes.

( beanie from F21, top from Charlotte Russe, shorts DIY, boots from Rue 21, jacket from American Eagle)


Posted on Dec 17, 2011

So today it was around 80 today and I wanted to wear something a bit cute. Since my mother just came back from Barbados, I decided to go shopping with her and buy more Christmas gifts. I'm so broke now :/, the holidays always suck me dry. Anywhoo I'd like to find cuter tops like this one with little Charlie Brown characters

(top from Goodwill, skirt from Forever 21, boots from Rue 21, rings from Target and Charlotte Russe)


Posted on Dec 13, 2011

Today was in the 40s in Florida :))! It was so cold I loved it. I felt really girly today so I wanted to wear my new Forever 21 shorts and pair it with something lacy. Anyway after school I had a lot of homework so my boyfriend took quick photos for me and I scooted on home. Hope you enjoy <3.

Two years and counting <3

( Tights from Kohl's, Forever 21 shorts, top from Rue 21, jacket from Forever 21 and scarf from Grandma)

Quick Post!

Posted on Dec 12, 2011

I felt like being casual today. I was super comfortable with my favorite sweater and I was really tired. It was a pretty uneventful day but fun none the less. :) Excuse the photos, I took them really quick in my back yard.

I'm not sure if this outfit is Lookbook worthy so it will just stay on my blog for now. Hope you enjoyed!

(jeans from Bealls, top from TJ Max and my favorite sweater from my mom)


Posted on Dec 11, 2011

I went to Goodwill to look for a sweater to wear but I also found this cute summer shirt for $4. I like finding random cute things, it's litterally like digging for buried treasure. Ha anyway I can't wait to pair these items with high waist shorts. <3