Back to Basics: TJ Maxx

Posted on Dec 31, 2011

 I've recently become obsessed with TJ Maxx. I went shopping with my boyfriend and I only bought the beige jeans (yay I'm so excited about those!!). They were too small which I knew they were going to be because they're a size 3 and I'm a size 5...sooo I took them back with my cousin Anne and couldn't resist. I bought all of these basics ha. I was surprised by the leopard romper. I thought it was a cute top at first! And leather jeans!! Ahh I'm so glad I have them! I bought the gray jacket to wear underneath any jacket I have and the cotton top is pretty much a jumper. I can't wait to wear everything! Have a Happy New Years guys, I look forward to your posts :).
  1. Thank you for your comment Olivia !:)

    I like these two pants ! :)
    so lovely :)

    xoxo A.

  2. Love the leather and beige jeans so cute! Pretty lovely leopard print dress too! xx

  3. Love the black shorts :)
    Laur x

  4. Happy new year Olivia!

    I can't wait to see how you style the leather pants. :)


  5. Love the cheetah print! Your camel pants are super nice too and those leather ones are just gorgeous!